Pinterest Co-Founder Discusses pins that “Spread Like Wildfire”

In August, (forever ago in Pinterest time, but whatever), Ben Silbermann, co-founder of Pinterest, sat down with HGTV to discuss the rapid growth of Pinterest. Back then the site was still somewhat under the radar. It wasn’t until late in 2011 that Pinterest really exploded onto the mainstream scene. So now, Silbermann’s comments are even more interesting, (in my opinion). In the interview he shared a set of incredibly viral pinboards, and pins, and commented,

I’ve never run the single most popular pin of all time, but there are pins that seem to spread like wildfire! . . . “

He also shared his favorite inspirational quote. . . (right). He goes on to say,

Our little team is obsessed with making Pinterest into a service that makes people’s lives more inspiring and fun. That means that we can’t be afraid to try new things and learn from our mistakes.”

So how do you create a pin that spreads like wildfire? We’re not convinced we’ve cracked the code, but over the holidays we tried one experience, which produced our most popular pin of all time. You can read about that experiment here:

5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin

If you’re obsessing over how to do Pinterest Marketing, (get our free 33 page guide), and then you’ll want to read the full intervew, here.

Published by Jason Miles

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