Pinterest Secrets, Part One

Want some Pinterest secrets? Okay, here are our very best insider tips.

[And just as background, although our company is tiny, and our brand is small, as of this writing, we have 951 referring links coming to our primary ecommerce site from Pinterest, and that number is growing exponentially]. Is that a big deal? I guess it depends on your perspective. For us, it means that Pinterest is now a better source for traffic than our Youtube Channel, (which has 7,300 subscribers and over 1 million upload views), and a better source than our Facebook Fanpage, (which has over 12,300 Fans). Anyway, all that to say, we do have some social media marketing experience. And here is what we’ve learned about Pinterest:

1. RTM = P: What’s that? Well, your Resonance with your Target Market equals your Pinnability (Yes, I just had to add ‘pinnability’ to my dictionary). Does your company, brand or product really strike a chord with your target customer? Do you know their greatest fears, frustrations, interests & desires? If so, then they are probably already talking about you on Pinterest. They will naturally share your images, logos, and quotes… and they’ll work hard to tell their friends about your brand. Get good at harmonizing with your ideal customer.

2. INJECT, THEN DUCK & COVER: Leveraging your existing social media platforms to inject energy into Pinterest is like striking a match under a powder keg. Yeah, if you’re just starting out online, you’ll feel like this is an unfair advantage. But if you’ve already got a vibrant Facebook, Twitter or Youtube crowd, then you’ve got a great opportunity to inject energy into your Pinterest Profile. Then let your fans & followers take the ball and run with it. Then watch out. They’ll start a social media snow ball that will benefit your brand. You might wonder how we got 591 referrals to our website from Pinterest…it wasn’t by creating all those links ourselves. It was by catalyzing our existing fans to jump on-board.


Published by Jason Miles

Jason Miles is the CEO of of OmniRocket, a Seattle based ecommerce consulting and SAAS company, and the author of the Bestselling Pinterest Power. He regularly partners with leading online groups and sites including, the American Marketing Association, IBM's Connectchat, Social Media Examiner, Profnet, Marketingprofs, and similar groups.

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