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This is a picture of an interesting tool from Pinterest. It has nothing to do with Analytics tools, but whatever. Hopefully you get the idea..

One challenge with Pinterest is the lack of analytics / tracking / insight tools for the site.

[Hey, if you’re reading this and you know how to build an analytics tool, and want to work with us to develop one, shoot us a note. We will partner, pay you for it, or simply promote a tool that you create. In fact, if we don’t start seeing these developed soon, we’ll probably look into having them made via elance or something, but that’s not our thing, so we’re hoping someone else will do it.]

If we could snap our fingers and have a set of tools to support our Pinterest Marketing work, here is a short-list:

1. Follower Count: A tool that informs us on how many followers we have on our profile, as well as each board, ‘de-dupped’ so we can see a true number of followers within Pinterest. That would be cool!

2. Follower Trends: A graph showing the number of new followers to our profile and/or boards, presented as a chart showing the numbers on a daily basis, weekly, monthly, etc. It could also show the number of ‘unfollows’. For example. We know we started our profile on December 15th with ‘0’ followers, and now we have 503, but we don’t know when they were added, so it’s hard to know what might have impacted the trend.

3. Pin / Repin Trends: A summary of the total number of pins that have happened from any given website. This is somewhat displayed on Pinterest when you click a pin, they note the, “pinned via pinmarklet from…” however, that only displays the ‘first instance’ of the pin. If that pin is repinned 10 times, and each of those repins is repinned 10 times, then there are 100 ‘repins’ that aren’t displayed in the ‘pinned via…” results set. That makes it impossible to know the true ‘reach’ of a pin.

4. Like/Comment trends: This tool would be similar to the Facebook Insights tool which shows a Facebook Fanpage owner the number of likes and comments.

5. Outbound Clicks: A report that shows the number of clicks on the links in each pin. That would help us understand which pins are best at driving traffic to our website.

I’m sure we’ll think of more, and maybe we’ll just update this post as we do.

If you know of solutions for any of these data needs, please leave a comment – but again, these are for Pinterest specifically, not just some tracker tool that doesn’t actually do what we’re describing here. In other words, please don’t spam us with your favorite, but un-related tracking tool.

And if by chance, oh wise Pinterest Employees, you are working on ‘insights’ type tools, we hope this list gives you some feedback on what might be helpful to us.


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