Our January 2012 Pinterest Traffic Numbers…

Pinterest vs Facebook vs Youtube traffic

pinterest marketing journeyIn our recent pinterest marketing priorities poll you told us, by a vast majority, that driving traffic to your site from Pinterest was your top priority.

But you might be wondering…

Hey Jason – are you really driving traffic to your sites from Pinterest? Or just acting like you know what you’re talking about? “

Well, we’re definitely still figuring things out, but according to our Google Analytics, our January traffic to www.libertyjanepatterns.com from Pinterest is pretty exciting. We are seeing massive jumps in two important metrics:

  1. Referral links: When someone goes to our website and uses the pin it button, it places the image from our site onto their pinboard with a link back to our site. This type of referral link is a great metric to track.
  2. Visits: The second type of metric is more important – it’s visits from people who clicked on the referral links that have been set up.

This chart pretty much sums it all up and explains why we are so excited about Pinterest: (As a reminder, we launched our active Pinterest Marketing Plan on December 15th).

traffic results july thru january 2012

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