Pinfluence Score For Pinterest Users

Pinfluence score

Pinterest Tools seem to be popping up frequently now, which as a marketer, I think is fantastic. As you might recall I blogged not long ago about the total lack of any type of analytical tools. So the new boom in that space is cool, (well, at least we have 2 options now, this one and the one I previously reported one,

The new tool, found at: is one you might want to play around with a bit. They are calling their calculated score your


Here is a screenshot of that section:

pinfluence score

They also calculate for a few interesting concepts:

  • Reach
  • Activity Score
  • Virality Score

Here is a screenshot of that section:

The site also solicits you to jump into their Pinterest Advertising list, which I have to assume is their way of building a list of people who have Pinterest accounts, (and presumably they’d just contact the people with high scores), that they can then create Display Ad type pins, or ‘Sponsored Pins’ as I like to call them, (which at this point are very rare, but if you see other examples please let me know). I’m collection examples of Sponsored Pins on this board.

I’m agnostic about this advertising strategy. Although I think sponsored pins, (or what you might call interruption marketing pins) on Pinterest is stupid, when you could just as easily create “Pinutorial” type pins as Marketing, or “Curiosity Driven” pins. (see my boards for examples of both).

Anyway, I never want to look at gift horse in the mouth, so the nice folks at have done us all a favor, for free, which is highly commendable. You should check it out…And Pin this nice image to promote this post:

Pinfluence score

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