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Jim Cockrum Newsletter

Jim Cockrum Newsletter

Hi guys! Lots of you are flooding in because of Jim Cockrum’s newsletter mention. So welcome! We are happy to be a resource, (and thanks again Jim for mentioning our site). Let me give you a quick tour of the key parts of this website…

First, Here’s a blurb about who we are…and why we are blogging about Pinterest.

Second, YES! WE REALLY use Pinterest to market our small biz, check our Pinterest Profile here.

Third, we made a free 33 page ebook, The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide. Just jump into our newsletter list & get it for free.

Finally, we are running a 10 part Marketing On Pinterest Boot Camp, (again free). It’s screencast videos delivered via email. It is running from March 3rd thru March 23rd. But it’s not too late to jump into it. Just sign-up here. You’ll be added to the list & receive the next regularly scheduled email, (and it will contain the links to the prior videos). We publish on a Monday / Wednesday / Friday schedule.

So, thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy the visit, and of course…

Don’t forget to Follow me on Pinterest @ http://pinterest.com/jasonmiles I have lots of companion resources on my Pinterest site.

Jason Miles

Ps. If you’re reading this and don’t know who Jim Cockrum is, then here is the 30 second version. He started on EBay, Figured out 1 amazing business strategy, that he taught to us, via his ‘Silent Sales Machine Hiding Inside Of EBay’ book, and that idea turned our little biz into a 6 figure cash machine. And today he featured this blog in his newsletter that goes to like 100,000 people. Get his Silent Sales Machine Book. Get his Free 101 marketing book, (we are honored to be featured in both). And get on his free newsletter list here.

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