Pinterest Profile Page Layout Change User Poll

This week, (on or around 3/15/12), Pinterest significantly changed the profile page for users. Tell us what you think of the change…

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Pinterest poll

Ps. In case you’re wondering my view. I think it was a design mistake. The visual layout of (all?) most of Pinterest was portrait (tall up & down). And the main page & boards still are, which is nice. If you’re not sure what I mean, then think of it this way ….you can pin an image that is very very tall, but you cannot pin an image that is very very wide.

Landscape Profile Section, (Almost Just Like Twitter BTW):

Pinterest landscape profile section

Versus Portrait Profile Section:

Jason Miles Pinterest Profile

So now the Profile page, (in both the personal info section, links & activities section, and Pinboard Covers section), is oriented toward landscape images, which is a break in the visual continuity from the rest of the site. My hope is that this is a test, and they’ll revert back to a Profile Page layout that uses a portrait, rather than landscape modality, and in that way, bring format consistency back to the site. I’m surprised they decided to go this direction. It’s a fairly significant shift in layout methodology.

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