Pinterest Product Strategies – All the Proof You Need

RJMetrics has new Pinterest User information out [get it here] that is very compelling for marketers. It demonstrates that while the food category in Pinterest is the most viral, (somehow virality and food are 2 words that my mind doesn’t like seeing together, maybe I’ve eaten too many street tacos in Mexico City?) Anyhow…

While the Food Category is clearly hot, the Product category is BY FAR the leading category when it comes to people using the “Like” function in Pinterest. Interesting, right?!

Why would people use the “Like” function in Pinterest for products? Is it possible that’s their secret wish-list of future purchases? Maybe they don’t want to create a board showing the world, but they want to save the cool products they come across and the “Like” option is the best tool.

Start exploring how you can encourage people to “Like” your products. Here are a few options:

1. Ask them to Like your products in Pinterest.

2. Incent them to Like your products in Pinterest by rewarding them with a coupon. I’m not sure how you’d deliver it, but we’ll work on that @ our business and report back sometime.

3. Ok, I’ve run out of ideas, come up with your own.

Now go sell something on Pinterest! …and Pin this story…and…

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