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Here is where we are at on Pinterest related projects:

Blog & Ebook: Last year I launched this blog, and my ebook – The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide

Marketing On Pinterest Book Camp: And earlier this year I launched my Marketing On Pinterest Boot Camp. It’s my free 10 part video guide to Marketing on Pinterest. You can read some of the testimonials here. I get them pretty much every day, and I try to post them as I can…

Social Media Camp Speaking Gig: And next month I’ll speak at the Social Media Camp in Canada about Pinterest.

Pinterest Power Book: Then in the Fall I have a ‘real’ book coming out with McGraw Hill Professional – Pinterest Power: Make Money | Get Noticed | Expand Your Reach“. So that should be cool.

But this morning I realized there is something missing. It’s time to take all this to the next level and launch my 2nd Boot Camp program. A beefed up, professional grade, high-quality training program.

The Branding On Pinterest Boot Camp

The Branding On Pinterest Boot Camp will be a 1 month  course that provides a deep dive into lots of great Branding On Pinterest related topics. It will include an ebook/guide and a 10 part video series. Topics will include:

  • Positioning Your Brand On Pinterest
  • Brand Strategies That Work
  • Developing Your Brands Unique Position On Pinterest
  • Highlighting Brand Attributes On Pinterest
  • Developing Sticki-ness
  • Image editing and copyright protection tools
  • Tracking Your work and measuring impact
  • Copyright issues & challenges
  • 10 Companies to model your work after
  • More, lot’s more…

I will start putting together the details soon and will keep you posted. I will likely publish this on a platform that allows affiliate marketers to help me promote it. If you’re interested in that angle, get ahold of me.

So what do you think about this idea? Would you rather see another topic be the focus? I’d love your advice on how best to launch this. Leave a comment, or answer this poll…

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