Pinterest Experts Emerge, Conferences Rejoice…

When I got asked to speak about Pinterest at the Social Media Camp in Canada, the thought occurred to me,

Maybe Other Social Media Conferences could use a Pinterest speaker?!” 

So I looked at the awesome website to see what they had going at their big blogging conference in Australia, and sure enough, they had a Pinterest expert lined up. But not just any Pinterest expert – someone who used to work with me at World Vision Richenda Vermeulen! How random & strange is that?!

What are the chances? 

Pinterest Expert Richenda Vermeulen

So it looks like the Australian market is covered. Dang it! But how could I be upset? I’m excited for my old coworker. I wish her all the best!

Pinterest expert Kelby Carr

Then I looked to see what Blog World had going at their big Social Media Conference. I thought,

Maybe New York could use a Pinterest Speaker?

Nope, they’ve got things covered with Kelby Carr, author of the new Pinterest For Dummies book.


So, I’m out of options. So, if by chance, you need a speaker for Pinterest topics at your social media conference, and Richenda and Kelby are busy – hit me up. I’ll be happy to jump in and lend you a hand.

I’m sure there will be a wave of Pinterest experts that emerge in the next year or two. I hope I make the cut!

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