Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.

Can you use Pinterest to make money via the Amazon Associates program? “

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[Update – Clearly this doesn’t work. According to the Amazon Affiliates Discussion Board – Pinterest strips your Affiliate link out of the Pin. Good to know.].

This week we’re aiming to find out by conducting a fun little experiment. As a disclaimer – I am not an affiliate marketer. I am just experimenting. I’m sure there are true affiliate marketers who are reading this, and if they wanted to, they could share their expertise.

7 Steps To Make Money On Pinterest With Amazon:

  1. I pulled my favorite book off the shelf. Although I think Darren Rowse over at Problogger would probably recommend going with a current best-seller. Maybe I’ll try that next. Read his advice on how to boost Amazon Affiliate Income here.
  2. I Summarized a nice section of the book to create a nice ‘pinutorial’.
  3. I used Photoshop Elements to make it as nice as I could. Although admittedly I’m not a designer.
  4. I added screenshots of the book covers for both the print and audio editions.
  5. I pinned it to Pinterest using my ‘Books I love’ Board. To see the pin ‘in the wild’ on Pinterest click here: Growing A Business On Pinterest
  6. I added a brief disclosure, “disclosure: I make money if you buy this book through this link.” I believe this is adequate to comply with the FTC guidelines related affiliate marketers. Read a good summary here.
  7. I edited the Pin URL to use my Amazon Associates Program unique link for that book. So, if it works, I should receive affiliate income from any sales that occur on this book, or any item that people buy on Amazon as a result of following this URL there.

You might be wondering,

Do people click from Pinterest to Amazon? “

Here is a full post on ‘Pinterest For Product Marketing’. The emphatic answer is yes. Amazon is one of the most visited sites after people leave Pinterest.

I’ll keep you posted on how this works out…

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6 thoughts on “Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.

    1. We haven’t gotten any sales in the last 2 days, but we have gotten traffic. But I’m a newb at Amazon reports, so I am still trying to determine if I’m doing this right. Still learning…

  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for this great affiliate idea.
    I read in the ebook “pinterest for business” that pinterest changes any affiliate links automatically to make money on their own. Have you heard about this rumor? If that would be a fact making money from pinterest as an affiliate is not possible in the described way…

    Would be interesting what your amazon statistics have to tell;).

    Cheers from sunny Hamburg!

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