Creating Product Catalogs On Pinterest

sears catalog cover finalCan you build a product catalog using pinterest? Target did! And if you have a significant collection of physical or digital products, then you’ve got an opportunity to use Pinterest in a unique and exciting way.

Here’s the thing – One of my marketing professors in Business School once famously said,

In English it would be plagiarism, but in business it’s called ‘best practices.’

In a world of technology, where people turn into millionaires and billionaires over night, innovation sometimes trumps the ‘old practices.’ But sometimes they’re the best. Catalogs for selling products and services have been at the heart of businesses for years. Why not copy this same old strategy on Pinterest?

All you have to do is create pinboards based on the different categories that your products are offered in. One Company that makes good use of catalogs is Target.

Pinterest Catalog Best Practices:

Catalog designers have best practices that can be applied. Here are just a few:

  1. Natural Setting Product Photography – Use images that show the product being used with other products instead of single product images. This context view helps pinners visualize themselves using the product and therefore encourages more purchases.
  2. Thoughtful product descriptions – Pinterest allows up to 500 characters for each image. Product descriptions must be clear and simple, at the same time be creative to keep your target audience engaged. For the best catalog product descriptions check out the J Peterman Comany.
  3. Consistency – Yes, anytime you talk about design, this element cannot be underplayed. In developing your brand image, you need to pin images that make who you are absolutely clear to your customer. For example, one way of doing this is have your logo in the background. However, remember to keep things interesting while being consistent as sometimes consistency leads to boredom.
  4. Categorization – In print catalogs you’re constrained by the page count. But in Pinterest you can organize things in an infinant number of ways. Think logically about how best to organize your product presentation in a user friendly way.

Are you ready to create catalogs on Pinterest? I think so.

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