Duck Commander On Pinterest, We Can Only Hope

Ten minutes into my first episode of Duck Dynasty I was hooked. Two days later I was requiring my kids to watch it, reminding them our roots are from nearby Arkansas. Within 2 weeks I had figured out a good reason to buy my first item from the Duck Commander website, even though I don’t hunt. The new A&E hit show feeatures the Robertson family and their family business Duck Commander.

So of course I wondered,

Hey – what do these rednecks have happening on Pinterest? “

[That’s their term for themselves, not intended as an insult]

Turns out, just like happens with all websites that have a real cult following, their fans are doing all the work in Pinterest. You can see the Duck Commander Pinterest traction here

But how could Duck Commander grow their website traffic from Pinterest even more? First let’s review their situation, then we’ll discuss a couple unsolicited suggestions.

Pinterest: They don’t have a Pinterest profile for the company, but there is a pinboard on the A&E Pinterest Profile called Duck Dynasty. It has 650 followers, (at the moment).

Youtube: The Duck Commander Youtube Channel is young, but growing. They have 170 subscribers.

Facebook: Duck Commander is killing it on their Facebook Fanpage, with over 120,000 likers, (fans), and their A&E Website page has been liked 235,000 times.

Twitter: Duck Commander has 50,000 followers on Twitter.

How could they do better on Pinterest? Easy.

  1. They need to create a Pinterest Profile as their corporate ‘home-base’ in Pinterest. Or they could think of it as the Duck Commander Duck Blind in Pinterest land. They currently have a little ‘Duck Blind’ (a Pinboard) on the A&E TV Profile, which is fine, but they need their own corporate profile.
  2. Then they can start pinning pictures from the Duck Commander website, archives, and video clips. Unique content would be the best. But they can also expect that their customers will start pinning more items from their website as well.
  3. The traffic from Pinterest to their site is currently mixed up with some of it going to A&E TV’s website for Duck Dynasty, and some of it going to Duck Commander, depending on where the pinned images have been pinned from. This could be untangled and then woven together wisely.
  4. The goal would be to get maximum traffic pushed between the two sites deliberately. So people follow both locations in Pinterest – the Duck Commander Profile & the A&E Duck Dynasty Pinboard. Long term, they’ll want people associated with their company, because TV shows fade, but their corporate email list, and mailing list is the real asset that they need to grow because of all of this new name awareness.
  5. They could install the Pinterest icons on their website, (Duck Commander), and the A&E website too, (Duck Dynasty).
  6. They could start promoting their Pinterest Profile to their existing Twitter followers, and Facebook Likers, by pinning things on Pinterest then sharing it on Facebook and Twitter.
  7. They could also encourage their email subscribers to follow their Pinterest & Youtube profiles by regularly mentioning them in their newsletters.
  8. They could conduct a contest or two on Pinterest, and do contests on Youtube too.

It will be fun to see how they weave Pinterest into their social media efforts.

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