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There are a lot of great marketers using Pinterest. Some of the best are the talented folks at Modcloth. Check out these results for May. 167,000 Modcloth items Pinned to Pinterest in May 2012. Wow!

But I’m actually not surprised. I’ve been blessed to get an insider view of the Modcloth Pinterest work as I interviewed them for my upcoming Pinterest book, (which comes out later this fall with McGraw Hill Professional btw). Their contribution to the book is awesome, and this infographic demonstrates how they’re crushing it. Other amazing contributors include Burdastyle, Dana Made It, Lil’ Blue Boo, Josephine Kimberling, and many more…Anyway…

Congrats Modcloth team!

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2 thoughts on “Modcloth Pinterest Results

  1. Wow, that is impressive. Nice work getting to interview them for your book, Jason!

    How much of their Pinterest success do you think is down to the products they sell and how much to the way they have encouraged pinning?

    1. Thanks. It’s a good question, I think it’s both-and, not either-or. They have awesome products, awesome product photography and social media savvy. It’s a virtuous spiral.

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