Pinterest Boot Camps Project Update…

Marketing On Pinterest Boot CampI launched my Marketing On Pinterest Boot Camp several months back – it was a blast. I had decided early on that after 1,000 people went through it for free I was going to stop offering it that way. That day has come. See some feedback here.

So it’s time to take it all to the next level…


I’ve created 2 new boot camps designed for small business owners and marketers. So now I’ve got 3 full boot camps – wow. The Selling On Pinterest Boot Camp designed to help people understand how to sell their products effectively via Pinterest. If you sell physical products – you’ll love it – if you sell services – there is content for you as well.

Startup ON PINTEREST boot camp

The Start-Up On Pinterest Boot Camp designed for people new to Pinterest who want to get in and get things set up quickly. And I’ve turned all of them into an information product.

All the videos are delivered very nicely in a member site – where you can stream and download the videos.

You can see the sales page I created at … the entire collection is available for just $97.

What is cool about this site I’m using is that my new projects will be published and made available to everyone who purchases – without any additional charges or log-in issues.

Branding ON PINTEREST bootcamp

The next project I will be publishing soon is The Branding On Pinterest Boot Camp. That boot camp will explore all the issues of branding on Pinterest – from introductory branding concepts for your small business to specific issues unique to Pinterest like copyright challenges.

I hope you’ll decide to jump into the training with me.

Ps. There are 4 killer bonuses in my Pinterest Boot Camps members area including my Price it Like Picasso ebook, my Email Marketing Like A Pro – So Your Business Can Grow webinar, my Youtube Special Report and my Etsy Income Explosions Video Series.

Pps. I am working to make this new product available to affiliates, and will offer a very generous affiliate commission, but don’t have it figured out just yet. If that is of interest to you – contact us.

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