Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 3 of 5, Using Social Sharing Buttons

Pinterest Image Optimization You can get a massive traffic boost to your website if you optimize your site for Pinterest users. In this series of 5 articles I’ll show you how…

Part 3: After you’ve worked to include images in your posts & pages, (Step 1 in our 5 part Pinterest Image Optimization journey), and gone back and performed image optimization on your top 20% of blog posts, (step 2 in our Pinterest Image Optimization journey), then you’re ready for the all important 3rd step:

Integrating The Pin It Social Sharing button into your website:

An example of the social sharing buttons that include Pinterest

There are 3 good reasons you need to integrate the social sharing buttons into your website – and ensure the buttons you use include the Pin It – Pinterest button:

1. It serves as a visual prompt for your website visitors to take positive action associated with your brand.

2. It gives your readers a way to share content they’re excited about. That’s a service to them (and benefits you).

3. It serves as an alternate to the Pinterest Bookmarklet tool. Some Pinterest users use that tool, some don’t. So you should never depend on it exclusively.

The Pin It Button when installed on a Safari Browser

What’s the Pinterest bookmarklet tool? If you’re not familiar with that tool, here is what it looks like when installed, see the little “Pin It’… This allows internet surfers to quickly pin things off of any website they are visiting. It is a huge part of the Pinterest ecosystem. Sadly, (for me), it does not work with this website (for a reason I’m currently working to fix), so…obviously for me – and you too – having an alternate pinning method is important.

4. It informs your visitors that you are ‘into Pinterest’ – and so they can find you there. That’s good to know as a website visitor that is excited about using Pinterest.

You might ask,

What if I already have Social Sharing Buttons – But They Don’t Include Pinterest?”

If you have run your website for a while, and installed social sharing buttons previously – but they don’t include the Pin It – Pinterest button – then it’s time to refresh that plugin (or whatever system you use).

If you’re looking for social sharing buttons that include Pinterest – then here are a few options:

  1. Share-aholic social sharing buttons

Beyond The Social Sharing Buttons:

There is another layer of sharing buttons you can include on your website – and they are provided directly from Pinterest. You can find them here. They take a bit of work to include, but they are worth it. The ‘Pin It’ button at the top of this article is one of these options. And, the ‘Follow Me On Pinterest’ button at the bottom of this post is another example.

I hope you’ll take the time to serve your website visitors by including these important social sharing tools on your posts and pages.

And hey…

Follow Me on Pinterest

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