Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 4 of 5

Hopefully this doesn’t seem like a ‘duh-ism’. [but]

If you’re going to work on Pinterest Image Optimization, and consider all the factors that make your Pinterest images great, then at some point you’re going to have to ask the question,

How do I improve the quality of my photography”

I can say without question that over 4 years of running EBay auctions, (see some of our work and our results here), and managing dollabee, a niche specific selling platform that has over 2,000 users, (see that site here), all presenting their work via product photography…

The higher your photo quality, the stronger your sales will be. period.

I call it the digital touch. As in – your customers want to touch your product, but they can’t, so the photo becomes a proxy for physical touch. You want that photo – touch – to be incredibly good.

I have a whole collection of photography blog articles (on my original blog) check them out for

  1. Tips on improving your photography,
  2. Buying a great (low cost) camera and lens,
  3. Finding training programs that work.

If you’re going to do well in Pinterest, you’ve got to get good at taking pictures – whether you’re a service provider marketing an invisible product, or a physical product selling using product photography techniques.

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