Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 5 of 5, Visual Idea Virus

Let’s recap what we’ve learned in the 5 Part Pinterest Image Optimization Series:

  1. Part One: Always create blog posts or pages with a unique image or graphic so Pinterest users can share your content on Pinterest with their friends, followers, fans.
  2. Part Two: Do an 80/20 sweep of your old blog / website content and ensure your top blog posts or web pages have a unique image installed.
  3. Part Three: Use all the Pinterest social sharing buttons you can – so people have multiple ways to share your content.
  4. Part Four: Improve the quality of your photos and images.

And the 5th topic is …

Give people a visual idea virus”

Seth Godin wrote the book Unleashing The Ideavirus, and it sparked a lot of marketing enthusiasm. It is an idea that spreads like a virus from customer to customer, or prospective customer to prospective customer. Cool.

Can you do the same thing visually in Pinterest? Sure! It is happening every day.

People don’t want to see a picture of a brownie. They want to get an idea for how to make, cut or display their brownies.

When your pin (or repin) shows them that idea, they will repin it like nobodies business.

Here is an example of an image that has been repinned 19,000 times:

So the most effective images on Pinterest – the pinnacle of optimization – is this:

Create an image that pinners can repin – as a form of expressing an idea. 

The idea might be:

  1. How to do something – (a DIY / Tutorial Image)
  2. How to display something (an image of food being presented nicely)
  3. How to think about something (a quote)
  4. How to understand something (an infographic)
  5. How to cope with stress (a joke, fun video or sage quote)

The list goes on and one. The primary twist most marketers need to make is from trying to share information – to serving the prospective customers needs to express themselves. Why is good marketing always about serving other?

So there you have it.

Now go release a visual idea virus!


And hey 1,500 followers is my goal, so…

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