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This blog’s Readership Is Growing!
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When I started this blog in December, I wondered if anyone would read it beyond our core audience of Liberty Jane Partners, (there are about 700 last time we counted). Then three weeks into my blogging adventure, when I got the Pinterest Power book deal, I knew I was going to have a wild ride with this fun new blog. And then…

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the score this morning and saw a steady and healthy growth rate. I don’t expect this site to become a huge hit, but if a core group of marketers finds value in it, and feels well served, then I’m thrilled.

About the Compete data… it didn’t start tracking my blog until February, and their data is always about a month behind, but the prognosis is positive.

Now I have to start getting you nice folks to leave comments, and join the conversation. I know you’re willing to express opinions, because you answer my polls with enthusiasm. So, I’m going to have to come up with some fun ways to solicit comments, maybe do a contest or something?!


Thanks for reading my blog, it is an honor to serve you guys!

Published by Jason Miles

Jason Miles is the CEO of of OmniRocket, a Seattle based ecommerce consulting and SAAS company, and the author of the Bestselling Pinterest Power. He regularly partners with leading online groups and sites including, the American Marketing Association, IBM's Connectchat, Social Media Examiner, Profnet, Marketingprofs, and similar groups.

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