Optimizing Your Content For Pinterest, Example A&E’s Duck Dynasty

im gonna fear GodContent Needs To Be optimized For Pinterest if you want your fans to share it on the site. And if you’re putting together good content anyway, why not do it in a way that mobilizes the fan community to help spread the word?

Here Is An Example:

My favorite show – Duck Dynasty begins the 2nd season on October 10th. Can’t wait. (Yes, this is a commercial for the show 🙂

(Side note – I just got done watching the DVD of season 1 & 2 of the original Duck Commander show that was on the Outdoor Channel. It made me happy happy happy).

So I noticed on the A&E website that they have ’20 favorite quotes’ from the show. That’s cool. The crazy quotes are one of the best parts of the show.

But unfortunately, the content is not ‘Pinterest friendly’.

(Thumbs Down Jack).

Here is what their site looks like:

Duck Comander quotes

So if you try to use the Pinterest Pinmarklet tool to try to pin this – you get the image of Phil – without a quote. Like this:

phil robertson

That is not user-friendly – virally potent – socially share-able Pin-Ready content. It’s just a picture of a guy.

What you want is the kind of ‘fan friendly’ content that is going to be easily shared on Pinterest and Facebook. Although the A&E site does have social sharing buttons, not surprisingly, their button set doesn’t include Pinterest. And more importantly, their images aren’t created in a way that make them logical to share – if you’re a fan of the show.

What Would Be Much Better Is This…

1. Put the picture in a frame, and embed the quote & show details.

2. Save it as a PNG or JPEG.

3. And since you’re at it – you may as well run the pictures through Lightroom to brighten & saturate them a bit.

4. And (sadly I can’t do this for them) they should include the Pinterest button in their social buttons collection.

Here is an example, (I made these and created a Duck Dynasty Pinboard in Pinterest). And interestingly, within 10 seconds of posting the first image – it was repinned. I cannot imagine how much social traffic they’d get from Pinterest if they did this correctly.

Phil Robertson - im a low tech man

See how much better that would be for social traffic & buzz from Pinterest?

Here is one more I made using my favorite Phil Robertson quote…

im gonna fear God

Ps. Yes, I know that my site (www.marketingonpinterest.com) doesn’t operate well with the pinmarklet tool either, so I’m not throwing stones. Nor am I trying to be overly critical of A&E. I love the show, and if it gets canceled I’ll be crushed.

Pps. Using their images for the purpose of promoting their show – was – in my view – not a violation of their copyright. I hope they feel the same way 🙂

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