Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 4 of 10

Scientific Advertising On PinterestGrowing your followership on Pinterest is mathematical. The equation is as follows:

X Pins/Repins = X Followers

I first mentioned this in my prior post entitled, “What’s Your Pinterest Popularity Number?” I explained that I had studied the most influential people on Pinterest (via and noticed a striking fact – their followers corresponded to the number of pins they had very consistently.

And Yours Will Too!

When I wrote that earlier post I had 680 Pins and 1213 followers, a Pin Popularity Number of 1.8. Meaning that for every 1 pin, I had added 1.8 followers. I speculated that if I added 100 more pins I could get 180 more followers, if the math remained constant.

The results are in…

Today I pinned my 780th pin, and as of this morning my followers are 1307. I did not add 180 followers, I added 94. But I’d imagine that if I waited for a week or two, that number would rise, will my pin number would remain constant. But even if my Pinterest Popularity Number didn’t remain constant – the principle holds. More pins equals more followers. It is that simple.

Start pinning.

And hey 1,500 followers is my goal, so…

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