Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part Six of Ten

hopkins ad no 6What did I do on Pinterest yesterday? I found an author who recently published a book on Pinterest, and looked at her collection of Pinboards. She has one in support of her book. It has 3,089 followers.

Does it stand to reason that those people might like to see my collection of marketing on Pinterest related pins?


Is it fair to assume that the 3,089 people following that board might also like to know about me, and my new Pinterest book?


So I followed 100 of them.

Why didn’t I follow all 3,000? There are several reasons:

1. I only followed the ones that have a fairly high number of followers – the most influential of the 3,000.

2. I like to keep my followers vs. people I’m following ratio to about 2:1. Two followers for every one person I’m following. So I don’t appear to be a spammer. So I’ll follow some now, then let my followers count go up before I follow more.

3. I can always go back and follow more later – patience is a virtue. I will continue to add more as time goes by.

Now go follow some people who have proven they are interest in your niche!

And hey 1,500 followers is my goal, so…

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