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Fast Company The Power Of PinterestFast Company just launched their October 2012 magazine with a fun cover-story article on Pinterest entitled The Power of Pinterest, and I can’t help but be happy that they chose a similar name to my book – Pinterest Power. The article is a great overview of the journey of Pinterest, and the founder’s story.

Let me re-cap a few of the highlights from the article…

  1. Pinterest is revolutionizing social commerce because searching elegantly for gifts is great on Pinterest, and bad on Google or Amazon. The bottomline – Pinterest is an e-commerce powerhouse.
  2. Pinterest is the fastest growing site in the history of the internet. Of course this is not new news, but the article reinforces it.
  3. Pinterest is gearing up to monetize. Sounds like they’ve got a basic plan figured out, and they are beginning to work toward it, but they aren’t in a hurry to get it wrong. I hope they listen to my advice and create a reverse auction model for retailers, as outlined  in my article entitled The Adpins Platform.
  4. Companies are regularly paying top Pinterest users to pin items from their e-commerce sites – because the traffic is massive and worth the cost.

There is lot’s more beyond these ideas…

I think you’ll like this article…

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