What Would You Ask Her?

This week I was introduced to someone who is adding Pinterest followers at an amazing rate and has well over 1 million followers.

She kindly agreed to do an interview with me as part of my book promotion efforts. As soon as it’s done I’ll share it with you!

Looking at her success is pretty shocking…

When I was introduced, and looked at her Pinterest profile she had 915,000 followers…

It was 915,476 …when I began following her…

It was 930,000 later that day…

It was 975,000 that night when I showed Cinnamon (my wife)…

It was 1,076,512 a minute ago…

So I have a simple question for you…

What questions should I ask her in the interview? What do you want to know about?

Leave your questions as a comment to this post…I’ll also invite people on my newsletter list to submit questions, then I’ll put it all together and we’ll go from there. Again, when it’s done, I’ll share it with you…

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Jason Miles is the CEO of of OmniRocket, a Seattle based ecommerce consulting and SAAS company, and the author of the Bestselling Pinterest Power. He regularly partners with leading online groups and sites including, the American Marketing Association, IBM's Connectchat, Social Media Examiner, Profnet, Marketingprofs, and similar groups.

21 thoughts on “What Would You Ask Her?

  1. I study Pinterest pretty closely, and as I far as I know the only way a page is getting that kind of following that fast is by becoming a ‘recommended board’ by Pinterest itself. If this is the secret to her success, please find out how she got her page/content in front of the decision makers at Pinterest. The is how can that success be replicated by the rest of us. If you can answer that, I imagine you’ll sell a great many books.

  2. Um, ask her why she pins what she pins and does she comment on pins to get more attention. Ask her how she knows what pins will be popular. What does she put in her bio and why? How does she interact with her followers?

  3. I had some trouble logging in, so if this is the second comment I’ve submitted, sorry! Anyways, can you ask her the reasons behind her pins? What does she put in her bio and why? Does she target a specific group of people or does she just pin whatever comes to her mind? How does she know what pins will be popular? Where does she find things to pin?

  4. My question; I think a consultation is needed first to help the potential user focus, for instance, should I start with a small simple easy to fulfill product that helps educate me or should I develop the big vision from the beginning? Is there a questionnaire guide for new marketing efforts?

  5. Jason, I can hardly believe that this person adds so many followers so quickly without using some…automatism (you know what I mean…).
    So my question is: what is your favourite tool for growing up your base of followers so quickly??

  6. I am looking forward to that interview! My questions are:
    1) Does she get more followers via collaborative boards than via her own boards?
    2) How does it really translate in terms of traffic to her website (if that is her goal). In my experience, people love to repin and the more followers the more exponential it gets, but many repins are for the love of it, and triggered by the addiction, but very few people click on the URL and visit the source website. Is there a number of followers or pins per day that is a threshold beyond which the “clicking” is worth the effort of pinning?
    Thanks Jason!

  7. Hi Jason – the more I study the successful people on Pinterest I have noticed that they seem to have very specialized boards. That would be my first question: I.e.; Kitchen design vs. home design (having boards more specific). Folk Art Dolls vs. art, or dolls. On another note; do they all comment on others frequently and do they follow lots of people as well. What would be their ratio to repins and uploading their own pins. These would be my questions Jason.

    Shannon Kaye

  8. What is her product(s) or board(s) that is getting so high volume response in followers? The 1st question I’d ask: What’s your secret?
    The 2nd question, “How do you plan to manage this kind of response?”

  9. I’m not surprised she is gaining rapidly now, with that many followers. I’d be more interested to know, how did she get to each 10X milestone, starting at 100? 100 to 1000 is the biggest step, much bigger than 100,000 to 1,000,000 (apply the 80/20 rule to what we know about P’s user counts, pin counts, and traffic…)

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