Serve More People With Pinterest

People have been asking me how it feels to have a book doing well on Amazon (#1 in Small Biz Marketing hot new releases).

After the ‘Yeah – Awesome’ type answers, I reflect on it more seriously.

Turns out, when I really stop and meditate on my feelings about this whole thing, I’m liking it because it fits with my personal mission.

See, about 10 years ago I was going through my graduate degree program and they force you to come up with a ‘personal mission statement’. I took it seriously, and mine read like this:

I’m called to serve and mobilize those who are turning the world up-side down”

For those of you who are spiritually minded, there is a Biblical element based on Acts 17:6, but I’ll leave that to your own study.

Bottomline, my mission is to help others – especially those who are trying to change the world.

  • That is what I was doing when I was a Development Director in Silicon Valley – see some pics
  • That is what I was doing when I helped my wife start a (now thriving, six-figure) small business – Liberty Jane
  • That is what I was doing when we started Liberty Jane Partners – That currently works with 1,019 small business owners
  • That is what I was doing when I took my job at the University, both my leadership position, and teaching position
  • That is what we were doing when we started Liberty Jane Gives Back & Sew Powerful

And that is what I am doing with this blog, and with the Pinterest Power book. Trying to serve more people.

Can you use Pinterest to serve more people? As Robert Kiyosaki once said,

Change your focus from making money to serving more people…”

I’d encourage you to try!


Ps. Of course, if you haven’t purchased Pinterest Power yet – pick up your copy today on Amazon!

Published by Jason Miles

Jason Miles is the CEO of of OmniRocket, a Seattle based ecommerce consulting and SAAS company, and the author of the Bestselling Pinterest Power. He regularly partners with leading online groups and sites including, the American Marketing Association, IBM's Connectchat, Social Media Examiner, Profnet, Marketingprofs, and similar groups.

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  1. Jason, you’re an outstanding man, doing an outstanding job with your family, faith, life-mission and career. Be well and stay safe.

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