Is Pinterest Preparing For Ads?

Does Pinterest’s New Look Set The Stage For Advertisements?

Have you been playing around with the new Pinterest look like we have? You can read about their redesign here. Their stated goal was to tighten up the navigation – read their thinking about that here.

They even outline “What’s coming soon” and it doesn’t include any statement like, “Hey – were about to introduce Ads”. But if you look at their design modifications – then you could see how advertising could be easily introduced. Let’s look at the before and after – and I’ll show you what I mean:

The Old Look:

Note: I added the Red Arrow!
Note: I added the Red Arrow!

Note the un-optimized space in the right hand column. That area needed a clean up. Also note how the user name “Lauren Jacobson” has a lot of prominence in the header section of the pin. Now look at those 2 areas on the same pin in the “New Look” format…

The New Look:

This is the new look of the same pin.
This is the new look of the same pin.

Note the improvements to the 2 spaces. Interesting how in the header section – the user has been “de-emphasized”. and a nice big chunk of real-estate has been left un-used – to the right of “website” and to the left of “Share”…Also notice how the right hand column has been utilized by bringing content up from below the pin. Also note – the “Other Pins From Flickr” box is a handy 280-ish by 240-ish. And when you focus just on the 9 image thumbnails – that space is roughly 225X225. See where I’m headed with this? …

(Warning: Pure Speculation follows…)

The New Look With An Imaginary Ad:

Note: I made this in photoshop for illustrative purposes - it is not from Pinterest directly...
Note: I made this in photoshop for illustrative purposes – it is not from Pinterest directly…

Note (again) … I made this in Photoshop – I did not find it on Pinterest. But you could easily see how an ad related to the pin could easily be added in the right hand column. One could also be added to the top header section I suppose.

Could they have a better monetization team? … Given the fact that Ben Silberman worked at Google on the display Ad team before founding Pinterest – it stands to reason that this hypothetical future step would not be hard for them to engineer. Of course using their own advertising back-end – similar to Adwords or Facebook’s Advertising platform, (we use them both at Liberty Jane Clothing and love them and we’d use the Pinterest Advertising Platform as well). Especially since last year they hired Facebook’s monetization guru – Tim Kendall. Read my open letter to him about how an alternative to the traditional display ad system could be used.

Is it all going to happen as I’m speculating here? Probably not – but eventually Pinterest will monetize.

What do you think?

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