About Us

Let’s start with the most important thing…

Yes – we do real marketing on Pinterest in support of our real business. We think that type of authenticity and legit experience is an important credibility indicator, we hope you do too.

About our Small Business:

We’ve built a thriving business based on my wife’s design talent. We’re working hard to dominate our categories, build long-term brand power and get insanely good at delivering our unique products.

  • We started Liberty Jane Clothing in 2008 as an EBay store and still sell on EBay. (see how Pinterest has helped us triple our EBay auctions prices). Today Liberty Jane Clothing is a thriving six figure small business.
  • We launched Liberty Jane Patterns in 2009, with over 200,000 digital guidebooks downloaded to-date, and over 20 indie designers publishing with us, we’re dominating our category.
  • We partner with over 1,000 work-from-home seamstresses through Liberty Jane Partners a consulting & resourcing initiative we started in 2010. This blog started as an extension of Jason’s blog on our partners site.
  • In 2011 we started Sew Powerful – a non-profit focused on sewing education initiatives in the developing world. Our goal is to empower 10,000 seamstresses to live a better life.
  • One day we will ‘grow up’ and invade the tween girl clothing category, but until then, we’re thinking much much smaller.

You can review all of our social marketing activities as proof that we are trying hard to leverage the power of social media to grow revenue.

While we started this blog for our 1,000 partners – you can read along too – if you want.

About Jason Miles: 

Being a good husband and father – my highest and best calling in life.

Jason likes challenges.

First, he’s focused on serving God, and trying to be a good example to others. You can see some of that here and here.

Second, he’s focused on being a good husband and dad. So you might catch him going for walks, holding bags at the mall, going to the zoo, giving a guitar lesson or going kayaking. It’s the highest and best use of his mental and emotional energy.

Third, Jason is the Vice President of Advancement, (Marketing, Fundraising & HR), at Northwest University, where he actively leads a traditional marketing operation as well as several other departments. Each fall Jason teaches Management as an Adjunct Professor in the School Of Business Management at Northwest University.

Fourth, he serves as the primary marketer at Liberty Jane Clothing. That includes hands-on work for website building, social media strategy, brand strategy, advertising management, and product and category analysis. He loves partnering with an insanely talented design team.

Fifth, he’s the creator of the “Power Book” series, a collection of books dedicated to providing exceptional content for Work At Home Marketers. His 2nd book in the series- Craft Business Power – is an Amazon #1 best selling book in the E-Commerce and Web-Marketing categories. His first book in the series – Pinterest Power – is also an Amazon best seller. His prior book, Price It Like Picasso is available here.

Follow him on Pinterest here.

Finally, Jason is having a blast as a Pinterest Expert at Social Media conferences, like Social Media Camp in Canada. He shares the Liberty Jane story woven into solid business concepts, and practical first hand-experience.

Have an exciting opportunity for him? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

You can follow Jason on Pinterest here.

Cinnamon Miles is the co-founder of Liberty Jane Clothing and has been called, “The Vera Wang of the 18 inch crowd”. She is an official Brand Ambassador for Bernina, the world’s premiere sewing machine company. Her design work started when she was just 8, learning from her mom who worked for a Fashion Designer. As the c0-author of Craft Business Power she is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling author. Her first “book-Store” book comes out with DK Publishing in 2013. You can read more about her story here.

Follow Cinnamon on Pinterest here.

27 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi there,
    I work for an e-tailer and we just opened a Pinterest account have some questions on Pinterest. Hope you can help me out! Can you contact me through the e-mail address transmitted with this post.

    Looking forward to your reply

  2. We are a very small company just starting out. LOVE your blog – and just checked out Pintrest and truly truly are in love with this format – I can relate to it far better than twitter as it’s all visual – what we’re passionate about.
    My questions is how do I get on? It said I was on the waiting list when I tried to sign up.

    What does that mean?

  3. I really appreciate all the marketing help you’re offering! Thank you. Please share how to capture pins that are shown on Everything before you log in. The page refreshes, and the content changes. So frustrating, I haven’t found an answer anywhere.

  4. Hi Jason and Cinnamon – I’m working with a new app that is a rating and tagging system for pins. I’d love to have you take a look and review it. Let me know if you’re interested!

    1. We use Photoshop Elements to put our stuff together. We’ve found it’s easier to use than the full Photoshop Suite, but has all the basic features. And it’s cheap, and easy to learn. Then you save the image you create as a Jpeg or PNG file, and you’re off and running!

  5. Hi Jason, I am about to start an online business. I am a web designer by day. My new business will be a selling site. I have several questions about keyword search and SEO for you. Could you please email me? I am working on my overall budget at this point and trying to determine what I will need fo online marketing. Thanks

    Oh, I am watching your boot camp videos. They are great.

  6. Hi! Read your article about marketing on Pinterest, saw that you were actually DOING it, and have decided to give it a shot myself. I am a bit concerned about this being against Pinterest’s TOS … or are they allowing selling on the site now? Hope you can let me know more about your experience and if you actually are making sales on the site. Thanks!

    1. Hi Tana,

      No worries on their TOS, Pinterest has always permitted marketing for the purpose of selling. The very first item ever pinned by Ben Silbermann, the cofounder, was an Etsy item. And his mom bought it for him. And yes, we’ve found terrific customers on Pinterest. We are also experimenting with selling digital products directly on Pinterest, with just a few clicks, which is a fun experiment. We will continue to blog about all of it. Thanks for inquiring.

  7. Hi, I am co-founder of a new pinterest toolset for marketers and am wondering if you would be interested in co-promoting our tools to your readers?

  8. Hi Jason and Cinnamon
    I have been trying to get onto your newsletter for your guide and boot camp training. When I go thru and load my detial I don’t get an email to the links. Could you please advise me on what I am doing wrong, I have checked my email address is correct.
    Regards Karyn

    1. Hi Karen, it could be that your spam filter is blocking your receipt of the emails. You might check your junk folder. Please let us know if you continue to have trouble with it.

  9. Thanks for the reassurance. Was the Etsy item which Ben posted somethingi HE was selling? Pinterest is ALL about marketing, but the way I’ve been interpreting their TOS one should tread lightly when promoting their own items directly. That’s what I’m unsure about.

    Sorry if I wasn’t clear in my original comment. I’ve posted some of my own Etsy items on Pinterest in the past, though I don’t think it’s helped make any sales in my Etsy shop yet (I sell very little there … sigh). But my main concern is selling downloads directly thru Pinterest as you guys are doing. I signed up for Oronjo and listed 3 items on Sunday; still waiting for the first sale though …

  10. @Tana, The item was something he found, and shared. As a side note, the Pinterest TOS have changed, and they no longer reference this, “don’t be self promotional” concept. So there is literally nothing to worry about any more. Hope that helps!

  11. Jason,
    I’ve downloaded your Marketing on Pinterest PDF but it doesn’t show anything after the download is complete. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks and have a great day!

    GOD Bless,
    Robbie Burns

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