How Brands Can Use Promoted Pins

Hi everyone, I thought you might like to see this great interview Bloomberg TV did with Joanne Bradford – Pinterest’s Director of Partnerships. In the interview she answers the following questions: What have you learned about what works and what doesn’t work?  Are there any kinds of brands that do well on Pinterest versus others?Continue reading “How Brands Can Use Promoted Pins”

Can Pinterest Monetize With A Recommendation Engine?

Pinterest just revealed an advertising methodology that they are testing, have you seen it? This week Pinterest confirmed the look & feel of their new advertising method. Lots of bloggers reported on it, but I haven’t seen any thoughtful commentary yet. So, here is mine… And before we jump in, to be clear, they are justContinue reading “Can Pinterest Monetize With A Recommendation Engine?”

Pinterest’s Promoted Pins – First Look?

Last week when Ben Silberman announced that Pinterest would start experimenting with promoted pins – I started looking for them. I think I just found one, but I’m not 100% sure. (Correct me if you think I’m wrong). First, here is what Ben said in the announcement post, And here is what I found whenContinue reading “Pinterest’s Promoted Pins – First Look?”

J. Crew and Pinterest Powered Predictive Production

J. Crew just did something revolutionary with Pinterest. Have you heard about it? Let me explain it using our small business as the example. And allow me to explain the problem thoroughly, so you understand how revolutionary the break-through is. The Problem: Our business is 80% digital goods & 20% physical goods. Right now we’reContinue reading “J. Crew and Pinterest Powered Predictive Production”

Using Pinterest For PR (Lessons From The Boston Marathon)

Have you ever thought about the difference between Pinterest & the other social media sites – as it relates to Public Relations? I had the honor of speaking to an East Coast PR Society group recently, and of course the events in Boston were top of mind for people. As I was preparing to presentContinue reading “Using Pinterest For PR (Lessons From The Boston Marathon)”

Is Pinterest Preparing For Ads?

Does Pinterest’s New Look Set The Stage For Advertisements? Have you been playing around with the new Pinterest look like we have? You can read about their redesign here. Their stated goal was to tighten up the navigation – read their thinking about that here. They even outline “What’s coming soon” and it doesn’t includeContinue reading “Is Pinterest Preparing For Ads?”