Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Four: Chemical X

So if you’re following along, our Pinterest Marketing plan for Liberty Jane Clothing has… 1. The Anchor 2. The Offer 3. The Visual Curator Now let’s talk about our chemical X – The thing we think is going to make our Pinterest presence a powerful marketing tool. Our X Factor. Here is what we areContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Four: Chemical X”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator

So our Pinterest Marketing Plan is taking shape. We’ve got: 1. The Anchor 2. The Offer And today we want to talk about our third step – becoming better visual curators. Curator: (wikipedia) Traditionally a curator  is a content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material.  For our efforts in Pinterest, that hasContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Two: The Offer

As we talked about yesterday, the first step in our Pinterest Marketing Plan is to create an effective ‘anchor’ as in a profile in Pinterest that is an effective ‘home base’ or, in Facebook terms, ‘Fanpage’… We’re building that daily. Here’s the link: http://pinterest.com/cinnamonmiles/ Today let’s talk about step two – the offer! No, not aContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Two: The Offer”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part One: The Anchor

Our Pinterest marketing plan has several parts. We thought we’d take the time to blog about each one. Today’s topic: Our Pinterest Anchor – our profile. Because Pinterest specifically says it’s not enthusiastic about self promotion, or marketing, we have chosen to follow a simple approach, which actually fits nicely with how our business is run.Continue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part One: The Anchor”

Ad Age Weighs-In: Pinterest’s True Potential…

Great article in Ad Age: Real Simple: Pinterest Drives More Traffic For Us Than Facebook. Notably, author David Teicher states: “While driving traffic is great, the true potential in Pinterest may be in its ability to impact purchases, which is why retailers like Etsy, Nordstrom, and Lands’ End have taken to developing a presence on,Continue reading “Ad Age Weighs-In: Pinterest’s True Potential…”

Pinterest Q&A

Pinterest Q&A With Jason & Cinnamon: Q: What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social network styled website that allows users to create pinboards by ‘pinning’ pictures or video that they find visually interesting. Simple right? You ‘pin’ pictures (or video), and organize your items into digital pinboards. People follow you, and ‘repin’ what they seeContinue reading “Pinterest Q&A”

Pinterest Zooms Past Etsy

Pinterest Zooms Past Etsy.com in site traffic… Here is the ComScore pageview graphic: This is a remarkable accomplishment. The average pageviews per user per month in October was a staggering 128. So despite having a relatively small online user community of just 3.3 Million unique visitors in October, they were able to generate 431 MillionContinue reading “Pinterest Zooms Past Etsy”

Getting Started On Pinterest – Our Story

Wondering how we got introduced to Pinterest? … And how we got things off to a good start? I first learned about Pinterest via Google Analytics. I look at our traffic stats pretty faithfully, usually every day. So in the fall of 2011, when I started to notice links from Pinterest, I got interested. AtContinue reading “Getting Started On Pinterest – Our Story”