Serve More People With Pinterest

People have been asking me how it feels to have a book doing well on Amazon (#1 in Small Biz Marketing hot new releases).

After the ‘Yeah – Awesome’ type answers, I reflect on it more seriously.

Turns out, when I really stop and meditate on my feelings about this whole thing, I’m liking it because it fits with my personal mission.

See, about 10 years ago I was going through my graduate degree program and they force you to come up with a ‘personal mission statement’. I took it seriously, and mine read like this:

I’m called to serve and mobilize those who are turning the world up-side down”

For those of you who are spiritually minded, there is a Biblical element based on Acts 17:6, but I’ll leave that to your own study.

Bottomline, my mission is to help others – especially those who are trying to change the world.

  • That is what I was doing when I was a Development Director in Silicon Valley – see some pics
  • That is what I was doing when I helped my wife start a (now thriving, six-figure) small business – Liberty Jane
  • That is what I was doing when we started Liberty Jane Partners – That currently works with 1,019 small business owners
  • That is what I was doing when I took my job at the University, both my leadership position, and teaching position
  • That is what we were doing when we started Liberty Jane Gives Back & Sew Powerful

And that is what I am doing with this blog, and with the Pinterest Power book. Trying to serve more people.

Can you use Pinterest to serve more people? As Robert Kiyosaki once said,

Change your focus from making money to serving more people…”

I’d encourage you to try!


Ps. Of course, if you haven’t purchased Pinterest Power yet – pick up your copy today on Amazon!

Pinterest Power Video Guide, Part 1

Hi everyone,

I’ve started to create my ’10-Part Video Guide’ for the Pinterest Power book, (which is currently #1 in the ‘Hot New Releases’ section on Amazon (for the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Marketing category – thanks to your support!).

The video guide is meant to be a very brief overview of the primary topics and ideas in the chapters, but as I started to do the 1st one I realize there is no way to cover all the content, so it’s really just a very high level overview, but I think it will still add some value…

Here is the first video, I’ll publish all of them here, as well as on, and my Pinterest Profile.

Starting A Business Using Pinterest

start a business with PinterestI’m putting the final touches on the Pinterest Power bonus gifts. Here is another one…a bonus chapter I’m calling…

Shop Class Entrepreneur  – Use Pinterest & Instagram to Launch A Home Based Business.

If you want to learn how to start a business by making stuff, then selling it online, and then using Pinterest & Instagram to grow your sales quickly – then this book is for you!

The bonus chapter will be available for book buyers starting November 1st. Just buy the book on Amazon and then visit after November 1, 2012.


Pinterest Power Back-story, The NerdStalker Interview

We recently did an interview with Greg from Nerdstalker about Pinterest Power, you can listen to it here:

Interview for Pinterest Power
Podcast Interview discussing Pinterest Power – the New Amazon Best Selling Book.

We did a fun interview with socialGreg from Nerdstalker recently where we talked about how Pinterest Power came together and some of the highlights…Listen to it now in PodOmatic here:


Pinterest Power #1 on Amazon for ‘Hot New Releases’ In Marketing Books

Wow! My book Pinterest Power is currently Number One in ‘Hot New Releases’ in the Marketing category. Thanks for buying it! And if you haven’t yet, check out the great bonuses – especially the amazing set of bonuses you get if you order before November 1st…

Pinterest Power #1 On Amazon 'Hot New Releases'
Pinterest Power #1 On Amazon ‘Hot New Releases’

Pinterest Power, An Amazon Category Best Seller!

Pinterest Power is an Amazon Category Best-seller (as of right now) – Thanks for making that a reality! It’s currently #3 in the Small Business Marketing category. Want to help it get to #1? Here are a couple easy things you can do:

  1. Buy it (of course) for yourself or a small business owner in your life – as a Christmas gift!
  2. Pin it to your favorite books Pinboard collection on Pinterest
  3. Share it to Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter
  4. Like it in Amazon, although the ‘like’ button in Amazon seems to appear and disappear randomly
  5. Review it on your blog, if you have one

Thanks again for helping spread the word, and don’t forget about all the awesome bonuses, the pre-order bonuses, (still available until November 1st) and the book buyer bonuses, (launching November 1st).

Pinterest Power, An Amazon Best Seller


The Pinterest Power Q&A PDF

pinterest power Q&A cover

Here is what I’ve got for you …

We took all the interviews from the (bestselling) Pinterest Power – including an interview we did with the Pinterest Team in San Francisco, and compiled them all into one PDF so you can read the advice and insider input in an uninterrupted way.


Click Here To Receive The PDF Via Email

I interviewed the following awesome Pinterest people…

What did I learn interviewing all of these people?

  1. They know what they’re talking about!!
  2. They’ve each created specific ways that Pinterest helps drive traffic, engage customers, and grow revenue.
  3. They’re super cool people and willing to share everything they know to help you grow!

You’ll enjoy the Pinterest Power Q&A a lot!

pinterest power Q&A cover

Marketing On Pinterest Using Youtube Videos

marketing on pinterest using videos
marketing on pinterest using videos

Yesterday I wrote about Marketing on Pinterest using Soundcloud audio clips,

Today let’s look at marketing on Pinterest using Youtube videos.

Using Youtube Effectively In Pinterest

Your video content on Youtube can be a very effective marketing tool in Pinterest. It can be pinned by either you, or by your fans, followers or customers. The nice part about using Youtube video in Pinterest is that the video will play directly right in Pinterest, just like an embedded video on your blog.

Step One: Upload Your Video To Youtube. You can see (as an example) my interview / Google Hangout with the team on their Youtube channel here – if you want.

Youtube image being pinned to Pinterest
Youtube image being pinned to Pinterest

Step Two: Click the Pin It button on your browser. You’ll be shown the Pin It Screen with the option to Pin the video. You’ll notice there is a black ‘play’ button on top of the video image, which indicates that it is a playable video.pinning a youtube video

Step Three: Pin the video to your most relevant pinboard. You’ll also want to ensure the description is fully optimized with a good description, and don’t forget you can add a clickable URL in the description of your pins – that URL could be to your website or blog for example.

Boom. You’re done. Now when your fans, followers or customers see the video in Pinterest, and click on it, it will begin playing directly inside Pinterest.

You can see this example video in Pinterest here: Pinterest Marketing For Niche Videos Interview With Jason Miles.

pinterest youtube video playing in Pinterest
pinterest youtube video playing in Pinterest

I hope you use Youtube effectively to drive customer engagement in Pinterest!

And hey,

Follow Me on Pinterest

Marketing On Pinterest with Soundcloud Audio Clips

using soundcloud on Pinterest

If you read my blog daily you might recall my post about using 4 modalities on Pinterest. Let me do a deeper dive into one of them today – Using Soundcloud audio clips to market your business on Pinterest.

Uploading audio from Soundcloud to Pinterest

The steps involved are pretty straightforward, but like anything, it is a bit confusing at first.

Marketing on Pinterest with SoundcloudStep One: Set up a account.

Step Two: Upload an MP3 file of your choosing. This is where you obviously need to put your marketing hat on! What would appeal to your niche? In my case, I’m using a webinar I did about Pinterest Marketing.

Step Three: Upload an image for your audio clip. I made my ‘Pinterest Traffic Tip’ in Photoshop Elements, then saved it as a PNG file, then added it to Soundcloud for my audio clip.

Step Four: Use the Pinmarklet bookmarketing tool (installed on your browser) to Pin the audio track. Here is what that looks like:

using soundcloud on pinterest

Once you click the pin it button, you’ll get the ‘normal’ display screen where you can pin the item.

Now the item will play directly in Pinterest. You can see my example of using soundcloud in Pinterest here.

Give it a try!

Pinterest Traffic Stats for August 2012

Pinterest continues to grow at an amazing pace. This chart says it all. Wow…Imagine where this trend line will be in 12 months. The only conclusion – now is the time to get a Pinterest Marketing Strategy pulled together…you’ll discover tons of tools as you read this blog…If I was Tumblr I’d feel pretty good about my growth trajectory, until I looked at Pinterest’s. Remember, (I believe), only shows U.S. visitors. So globally this number is even more impressive.

Pinterest august 2012 traffic stats