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Interview With Melissa Taylor Of Imagination Soup

Melissa Taylor has 1.4 million Pinterest followers. Wow. I recently had the chance to interview her and discuss her success. When I first met-up with her she ‘only’ had 915,000. In this interview we talk about how she got into Pinterest,

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What Types Of Pins Are Most Popular?

If you go to, (a site a like a lot), and you look at the most influential people on Pinterest, and then you look at their most popular pins, and ask yourself this question, What type of Pin is

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What’s Your Pinterest Popularity Number?

If you take the number of followers you have, and divide it by the number of pins you’ve pinned, you’ll get a number. Mine is 1213 followers divided by 680 pins. The number is: 1.8 So for every 1 pin

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Use Vacation Pictures To Grow Your Pinterest Followership

I made something for you to pin… Wondering exactly how I did this? Here are the steps: We decided to go on vacation to Lake Tahoe (Good internet entrepreneur decision). Making online income while you’re not actually working is still

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