Using Pinterest For PR (Lessons From The Boston Marathon)

Have you ever thought about the difference between Pinterest & the other social media sites – as it relates to Public Relations? I had the honor of speaking to an East Coast PR Society group recently, and of course the events in Boston were top of mind for people. As I was preparing to presentContinue reading “Using Pinterest For PR (Lessons From The Boston Marathon)”

New Pinterest Functionality: Find Pins

Pinterest has rolled out another awesome feature that has direct benefits to marketers. I think you’ll really like this one. The “Find Pins” function allows you to search for pins that are related to one of your Pinboards. Using this tool I was able to quickly find lots of Pins from this blog, that IContinue reading “New Pinterest Functionality: Find Pins”

Marketing On Pinterest Using Youtube Videos

Yesterday I wrote about Marketing on Pinterest using Soundcloud audio clips, Today let’s look at marketing on Pinterest using Youtube videos. Using Youtube Effectively In Pinterest Your video content on Youtube can be a very effective marketing tool in Pinterest. It can be pinned by either you, or by your fans, followers or customers. TheContinue reading “Marketing On Pinterest Using Youtube Videos”

Marketing On Pinterest with Soundcloud Audio Clips

If you read my blog daily you might recall my post about using 4 modalities on Pinterest. Let me do a deeper dive into one of them today – Using Soundcloud audio clips to market your business on Pinterest. Uploading audio from Soundcloud to Pinterest The steps involved are pretty straightforward, but like anything, itContinue reading “Marketing On Pinterest with Soundcloud Audio Clips”

What Can You Pin? 4 Types Of Pinterest Content

With their June 20th site update, read about it here, Pinterest now allows you to pin 4 very different types of content. Are you using them all? I’m not (yet) but I plan to moving forward. 4 Types Of Pinterest Content: Pictures: The original and still the best content to pin. Pictures from your computer,Continue reading “What Can You Pin? 4 Types Of Pinterest Content”

Following The Four Paths Of Pinterest – User Behavior

As a marketer on Pinterest, you need to know as much as you can about user behavior, including your own. We like tracking four ‘paths’ that flow constantly. Someday there will probably be an analytics tool that helps you track these elegantly, but until then, it’s good enough to just recognize where they are, andContinue reading “Following The Four Paths Of Pinterest – User Behavior”

12 Tips To A Better Profile

Pinterest is skyrocketing to prominence. Smart marketers everywhere are wondering – how do I position my products or services for maximum exposure & traffic building potential through Pinterest. That’s our goal, I’m guessing it’s your’s too. Let’s start at the beginning. To gain the maximum amount of traction in Pinterest you’ll need to get yourselfContinue reading “12 Tips To A Better Profile”