5 Secrets To Magnetic Pinterest Images

Goal: To gain the maximum amount of traction in Pinterest you’ll need to determine how best to become an artist that uses photography as your medium & your product as your subject. Again, Photography as your medium – your product as your subject.” Basically you want to become a visual curator. How do you doContinue reading “5 Secrets To Magnetic Pinterest Images”

Forget Keyword search, Pinterest offers Keypic search

So there is a great article here in Tech Crunch that outlines, “The Promise Of Pinterest”. Their primary suggestion is that Pinterest could turn into a new way to search for products, which would be a massive cultural and financial shift, (away from keyword searches to “key-pic searches”. Or I guess you could call them,Continue reading “Forget Keyword search, Pinterest offers Keypic search”

Pinterest Q&A

Pinterest Q&A With Jason & Cinnamon: Q: What is Pinterest? Pinterest is a social network styled website that allows users to create pinboards by ‘pinning’ pictures or video that they find visually interesting. Simple right? You ‘pin’ pictures (or video), and organize your items into digital pinboards. People follow you, and ‘repin’ what they seeContinue reading “Pinterest Q&A”