Optimizing Your Content For Pinterest, Example A&E’s Duck Dynasty

Content Needs To Be optimized For Pinterest if you want your fans to share it on the site. And if you’re putting together good content anyway, why not do it in a way that mobilizes the fan community to help spread the word? Here Is An Example: My favorite show – Duck Dynasty begins theContinue reading “Optimizing Your Content For Pinterest, Example A&E’s Duck Dynasty”

Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 5 of 5, Visual Idea Virus

Let’s recap what we’ve learned in the 5 Part Pinterest Image Optimization Series: Part One: Always create blog posts or pages with a unique image or graphic so Pinterest users can share your content on Pinterest with their friends, followers, fans. Part Two: Do an 80/20 sweep of your old blog / website content andContinue reading “Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 5 of 5, Visual Idea Virus”

Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 4 of 5

Hopefully this doesn’t seem like a ‘duh-ism’. [but] If you’re going to work on Pinterest Image Optimization, and consider all the factors that make your Pinterest images great, then at some point you’re going to have to ask the question, How do I improve the quality of my photography” I can say without question thatContinue reading “Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 4 of 5”

Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 3 of 5, Using Social Sharing Buttons

You can get a massive traffic boost to your website if you optimize your site for Pinterest users.┬áIn this series of 5 articles I’ll show you how… Part 3: After you’ve worked to include images in your posts & pages, (Step 1 in our 5 part Pinterest Image Optimization journey), and gone back and performedContinue reading “Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 3 of 5, Using Social Sharing Buttons”

Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 2 of 5

Web site builders: It’s a new day and Pinterest Image Optimization is critical to effective website management. After you’ve conquered the first step in Pinterest image optimization, (including an image in each post and page), then you’re faced with a big question – Should you go back through all your old posts and include aContinue reading “Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 2 of 5”

Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 1 of 5

I’m stunned at how many website owners are still producing content that is not optimized for Pinterest. What do I mean by ‘Optimized For Pinterest’? Well, any blog post, or website page needs to include some basic elements to permit the content to be easily shared on Pinterest. You would think that since Pinterest isContinue reading “Pinterest Image Optimization, Part 1 of 5”