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Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 4 of 10

Growing your followership on Pinterest is mathematical. The equation is as follows: X Pins/Repins = X Followers I first mentioned this in my prior post entitled, “What’s Your Pinterest Popularity Number?” I explained that I had studied the most influential

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Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 3 of 10

Let me share a few examples that highlight the #1 Social Media Mistake and How To Avoid It… Recently I was consulting with a company on the topic of social media, and they said, The founder isn’t sure we want

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Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 2 of 10

Advertising is salesmanship. The Ad is a salesman for you business or product. Therefore pinning content on Pinterest is salesmanship. And salesmanship has only got 1 goal – to make sales.” Social Media strategist can sometimes permit a lot of

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Scientific Advertising On Pinterest, Part 1 Of 10

Last week I did a webinar with Jeanna Pool, the Amazon #1 best selling author of Marketing For Solos. And we were talking about the normal stuff, blah, blah, blah, you know the usual marketing on Pinterest stuff, then I

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The Opposite Of Maximized Potential…

I heard a sermon one time by a guy name Phil Phillips. He made this thoughtful observation, The Opposite Of Maximized Potential Is A Jeopardized Future” That’s fairly profound – how does it relate to you Pinterest work? Well, if

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Use Your Travel Pictures To Get More Followers On Pinterest

Yep, you can use your travel pictures to get more followers on Pinterest. It is the same idea as using your vacation pictures to get more followers on Pinterest – and the process is the same as the one I

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Viddler and Pinterest

Ok, just a quick rant this morning. Why can’t you pin a viddler video?” No, I don’t have an answer. I’m just shocked. I tried pinning from Gary Vaynerchuck‘s Wine Library TV site, and the viddler site. I tried searching

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Pinterest Workshops Shed Light On Marketer’s Zeitgeist

After doing Pinterest workshops this week with the folks, and at the Florida Festivals & Events Conference, I picked up some interesting insights about how marketers are feeling about Pinterest. And of course, getting an email that says, “Best

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Pinterest Boot Camps Project Update…

I launched my Marketing On Pinterest Boot Camp several months back – it was a blast. I had decided early on that after 1,000 people went through it for free I was going to stop offering it that way. That

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Pinterest Memes – Marketer Opinion Poll

I made something for you to Pin…

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