Pinterest Launches Awesome Business Resources

Oops, they did it again, Pinterest has elegantly rolled out more great resources – this time for businesses. And the marketers go wild! Here is the list of recent improvements that directly assist marketers: New Pinterest business tools (<- click that link after you read this article) include: A new Terms Of Service for business owners. A resourceContinue reading “Pinterest Launches Awesome Business Resources”

Pinfluence Score For Pinterest Users

Pinterest Tools seem to be popping up frequently now, which as a marketer, I think is fantastic. As you might recall I blogged not long ago about the total lack of any type of analytical tools. So the new boom in that space is cool, (well, at least we have 2 options now, this oneContinue reading “Pinfluence Score For Pinterest Users”

Pinterest Monitoring & Analysis Tool – Pinclout!

Back on January 31st, I wrote a post about the lack of monitoring & anlysis tools for Pinterest marketers. But now Pinclout is available. It’s a tool I’m really liking. I’m using it for 2 cool reasons: Monitoring your own stats, (repins, comments, likes, etc.). Other than using your own Google Analytics to monitor referral links,Continue reading “Pinterest Monitoring & Analysis Tool – Pinclout!”