New Pinterest Messaging Functionality

Hi everyone, Yesterday Pinterest revealed it’s latest break-through – Pinterest Messaging! I’ve been experimenting with the functionality (both on my Iphone and my desktop). It’s pretty cool! Now you can send a specific pin to people with a message included – and they can reply back. Sure – they probably should have had this functionalityContinue reading “New Pinterest Messaging Functionality”

J. Crew and Pinterest Powered Predictive Production

J. Crew just did something revolutionary with Pinterest. Have you heard about it? Let me explain it using our small business as the example. And allow me to explain the problem thoroughly, so you understand how revolutionary the break-through is. The Problem: Our business is 80% digital goods & 20% physical goods. Right now we’reContinue reading “J. Crew and Pinterest Powered Predictive Production”

New Pinterest Functionality: Find Pins

Pinterest has rolled out another awesome feature that has direct benefits to marketers. I think you’ll really like this one. The “Find Pins” function allows you to search for pins that are related to one of your Pinboards. Using this tool I was able to quickly find lots of Pins from this blog, that IContinue reading “New Pinterest Functionality: Find Pins”

Pinterest Launches Awesome Business Resources

Oops, they did it again, Pinterest has elegantly rolled out more great resources – this time for businesses. And the marketers go wild! Here is the list of recent improvements that directly assist marketers: New Pinterest business tools (<- click that link after you read this article) include: A new Terms Of Service for business owners. A resourceContinue reading “Pinterest Launches Awesome Business Resources”

The Power Of Pinterest Article – Fast Company

Fast Company just launched their October 2012 magazine with a fun cover-story article on Pinterest entitled The Power of Pinterest, and I can’t help but be happy that they chose a similar name to my book – Pinterest Power. The article is a great overview of the journey of Pinterest, and the founder’s story. LetContinue reading “The Power Of Pinterest Article – Fast Company”

Pinterest Initial Public Grand Opening

Forget Pinterest‘s IPO for a minute and celebrate a milestone with them – a moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. I call it Pinterest’s Initial Public Grand Openning” Back in March I first wrote about this idea – and how Pinterest might use this opportunity at a strategic time to ensure theirContinue reading “Pinterest Initial Public Grand Opening”

Pinterest Referral Stats For June 2012

Share-a-holic just reported their June data related to referral traffic sources, and Tech-crunch did a nice summary report. The key story – Pinterest surpassed StumbleUpon for the first time – a major achievement. In February Pinterest passed Twitter. If I am reading the report accurately, then  Pinterest is now the 3rd highest referral traffic sourceContinue reading “Pinterest Referral Stats For June 2012”