Fortune Magazine Exclusive With Ben Silbermann

Did you see this great article on Pinterest in this month’s edition of Fortune Magazine? It’s a nice overview of the site, interview with Co-Founder & CEO Ben Silbermann, and insider information, including info about Tim Kendall, the Facebook Monetization Guru joining Pinterest. You can read the full article here. The best quote, from Ben,Continue reading “Fortune Magazine Exclusive With Ben Silbermann”

Recent Pinterest Changes to User Interface and TOS

In the grand cosmos of the change universe, legal wording changes are easy, compared to brilliantly designing addictive user interfaces. Pinterest is learning that the hard way. Pinterest has made 2 significant changes recently. First, they changed their Personal Profile Page Layout. Second, they’ve updated their Terms Of Service, (TOS). How did they do? TheyContinue reading “Recent Pinterest Changes to User Interface and TOS”

Pinterest’s Initial Public Grand Opening IPGO

Most radically successful tech firms dream of an I.P.O. (Initial Public Offering). They cash in, become Billionaires, and the employees all start buying cars that ends with the letter ‘i’. But it seems Pinterest has created a new category – the Initial Public Grand Opening” What’s that you ask? To sign up for Pinterest, [Pinterest Sign-UpContinue reading “Pinterest’s Initial Public Grand Opening IPGO”

Keyword Search Vs. Discovery: The WAR has begun…

Cue the music George… Did you catch this Mad Money segment about the “mystery” of Google not hitting it’s quarterly estimates? Cramer is confused, but I’m not. Keywords, (and therefore Pay Per Click Ads), are becoming old school before our eyes. What Cramer said, “The mystery began last Thursday when Google reported a “big earnings miss.”Continue reading “Keyword Search Vs. Discovery: The WAR has begun…”

Pinterest January 2012 Traffic Numbers

The information on the January 2012 Pinterest traffic is starting to come in. The first well reported article is this one from Janet Aronica at Sharaholic: Pinterest Drives More Referral Traffic Than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined This chart tells the story: Our prediction – This year Pinterest will emege as the 2nd mostContinue reading “Pinterest January 2012 Traffic Numbers”

Google Interested In Pinterest? Guessed It…

Back on December 22nd 2011 in a blog post on visual search I wrote, Of course the secret sauce that makes this work is the curator phenomenon that is a central part of Pinterest. It’s similar to Wikipedia’s secret sauce in that regard. Curators make content valuable. Too bad Google didn’t figure that out and apply itContinue reading “Google Interested In Pinterest? Guessed It…”