Serve More People With Pinterest

People have been asking me how it feels to have a book doing well on Amazon (#1 in Small Biz Marketing hot new releases). After the ‘Yeah – Awesome’ type answers, I reflect on it more seriously. Turns out, when I really stop and meditate on my feelings about this whole thing, I’m liking it because itContinue reading “Serve More People With Pinterest”

Starting A Business Using Pinterest

I’m putting the final touches on the Pinterest Power bonus gifts. Here is another one…a bonus chapter I’m calling… Shop Class Entrepreneur  – Use Pinterest & Instagram to Launch A Home Based Business. If you want to learn how to start a business by making stuff, then selling it online, and then using Pinterest &Continue reading “Starting A Business Using Pinterest”

Pinterest Power Back-story, The NerdStalker Interview

We recently did an interview with Greg from Nerdstalker about Pinterest Power, you can listen to it here: We did a fun interview with socialGreg from Nerdstalker recently where we talked about how Pinterest Power came together and some of the highlights…Listen to it now in PodOmatic here:  

Pinterest Power #1 on Amazon for ‘Hot New Releases’ In Marketing Books

Wow! My book Pinterest Power is currently Number One in ‘Hot New Releases’ in the Marketing category. Thanks for buying it! And if you haven’t yet, check out the great bonuses – especially the amazing set of bonuses you get if you order before November 1st…

Pinterest Power, An Amazon Category Best Seller!

Pinterest Power is an Amazon Category Best-seller (as of right now) – Thanks for making that a reality! It’s currently #3 in the Small Business Marketing category. Want to help it get to #1? Here are a couple easy things you can do: Buy it (of course) for yourself or a small business owner inContinue reading “Pinterest Power, An Amazon Category Best Seller!”

The Pinterest Power Q&A PDF

Here is what I’ve got for you … We took all the interviews from the (bestselling) Pinterest Power – including an interview we did with the Pinterest Team in San Francisco, and compiled them all into one PDF so you can read the advice and insider input in an uninterrupted way.   Click Here ToContinue reading “The Pinterest Power Q&A PDF”

Marketing On Youtube – Your Free Gift

I am putting together the bonuses for people who buy my upcoming book Pinterest Power. I’ll write up a little blog post about each of them as they are ready. The first bonus is our Youtube/Lead-Tube ebook, which we’re revamping and calling Marketing On Youtube – . Here is an overview: Our Results On YoutubeContinue reading “Marketing On Youtube – Your Free Gift”