Pinterest Traffic Tips Webinar

I’ve got a nice webinar for you all about Pinterest! Special Thanks to Jeanna Pool, the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of Marketing For Solos, for doing this and allowing me to share it with you… Just click the orange play button… Ps. If you liked this webinar you’ll really enjoy my new book –Continue reading “Pinterest Traffic Tips Webinar”

What Can You Pin? 4 Types Of Pinterest Content

With their June 20th site update, read about it here, Pinterest now allows you to pin 4 very different types of content. Are you using them all? I’m not (yet) but I plan to moving forward. 4 Types Of Pinterest Content: Pictures: The original and still the best content to pin. Pictures from your computer,Continue reading “What Can You Pin? 4 Types Of Pinterest Content”

How To Syndicate Your Pinterest Boards

There is a nice article about how to enhance your Pinterest feed beyond the basic Pinterest functionality over on The article, “How To Generate RSS Feeds for a Pinterest User & Pinterest Boards” is a good one. Here is the part I find most helpful: Creating A Feed For An Individual Pinterest Board: PinterestContinue reading “How To Syndicate Your Pinterest Boards”

Pinterest Traffic Tips: Use Before And After Images, Not Just After Images

Yesterday we ran a great little experiment on Pinterest using a fantastic Photoshop article from Clickinmoms, [get it here]. The test was to determine something that I’ve felt curious about for a while. That… Before & After Pins are better than just using the ‘After’ image alone “ The Experiment: We noticed that the ClickinmomsContinue reading “Pinterest Traffic Tips: Use Before And After Images, Not Just After Images”

Pinterest Traffic Tip #18

Wondering… What content gets repinned the most in Pinterest?” Here is what we’ve found: Good: Find something interesting, already on Pinterest, in one of your niche topics, and repin it. Better: Surf the web in one of your niches, and when you find something very cool, pin it to your niche specific pinboard. Best: CreateContinue reading “Pinterest Traffic Tip #18”

Pinfluence Score For Pinterest Users

Pinterest Tools seem to be popping up frequently now, which as a marketer, I think is fantastic. As you might recall I blogged not long ago about the total lack of any type of analytical tools. So the new boom in that space is cool, (well, at least we have 2 options now, this oneContinue reading “Pinfluence Score For Pinterest Users”

Pinterest Monitoring & Analysis Tool – Pinclout!

Back on January 31st, I wrote a post about the lack of monitoring & anlysis tools for Pinterest marketers. But now¬†Pinclout is available. It’s a tool I’m really liking. I’m using it for 2 cool reasons: Monitoring your own stats, (repins, comments, likes, etc.). Other than using your own Google Analytics to monitor referral links,Continue reading “Pinterest Monitoring & Analysis Tool – Pinclout!”