Pinterest Traffic Tip: Forget SEO, Learn PIO

SEO never worked for me, that I could really tell. Maybe I just wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. Or maybe I was in too competitive a market niche and there was no frikkin way I was going to break into the first page. Or maybe my brain is not wired to understand computerContinue reading “Pinterest Traffic Tip: Forget SEO, Learn PIO”

Pinterest Traffic Tips Series

Hi everyone, In our reader pinterest poll you said the top issue you wanted to learn about was generating traffic from Pinterest to your site. So I’ve started a new 10 part series, and a Pinterest Board called, Pinterest Traffic Tips. Here’s the first installment. For the rest of the story, visit my Pinterest TrafficContinue reading “Pinterest Traffic Tips Series”

Mercedes Benz Sponsored Pin?

Check this out! The smart marketer(s) over at the P.S. I Made This blog have a Mercedes Benz Fashion Week activity going, (which we must assume is a paid placement), and the special activities are created as images, with Mercedes Benz logos embedded, and then, (of course), the images have been pinned, and repinned in Pinterest. The effect?Continue reading “Mercedes Benz Sponsored Pin?”

Pinterest Secret: Taking Advantage Of The Long Form Pinutorial

Long-form pinutorial? That sounds like marketing right?! It is… Pinterest gives you an opportunity to create a pin, that serves as an ‘advertorial’ for your website. What’s more, they allow odd sized images, and odd sized images really stand out. Let’s call this new (strange creature-like) thing “The Long-Form Pinutorial” Smart marketers are using thisContinue reading “Pinterest Secret: Taking Advantage Of The Long Form Pinutorial”

Pinterest Secrets Part Two: The Pinutorial

Ready for another Pinterest Secret? We call this one the … “Pin-Utorial” (Yes, I just made that word up, please give me props. But smart marketers in Pinterest have been using this method for months). Here’s the thing – classic direct response copywriters like Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, Bob Bly, and my personal favorite, CraigContinue reading “Pinterest Secrets Part Two: The Pinutorial”

Pinterest Secrets, Part One

Want some Pinterest secrets? Okay, here are our very best insider tips. [And just as background, although our company is tiny, and our brand is small, as of this writing, we have 951 referring links coming to our primary ecommerce site from Pinterest, and that number is growing exponentially]. Is that a big deal? IContinue reading “Pinterest Secrets, Part One”

Inc. Magazine: 9 Pinterest Traffic Tips

Inc. Magazine has published a nice list of 9 traffic tips that should help any small business owner get their Pinterest marketing plan together. According to them Pinterest has, Caught the attention of the masses”. Here’s the link to the full article: Ps. Don’t forget to get our free 33 page Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide.

5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin

So we tried an experiment tonight and it’s clearly working…We found a picture that had a nice Christmas vibe, (it’s December 21st), so it fits. Here’s the pic out of Pinterest (right)… You’ll notice that in just a couple hours it has gotten 21 repins, 3 comments, and 3 likes. For us, that’s pretty good.Continue reading “5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin”