Modcloth Pinterest Results

There are a lot of great marketers using Pinterest. Some of the best are the talented folks at Modcloth. Check out these results for May. 167,000 Modcloth items Pinned to Pinterest in May 2012. Wow! But I’m actually not surprised. I’ve been blessed to get an insider view of the Modcloth Pinterest work as IContinue reading “Modcloth Pinterest Results”

Creating Product Catalogs On Pinterest

Can you build a product catalog using pinterest? Target did! And if you have a significant collection of physical or digital products, then you’ve got an opportunity to use Pinterest in a unique and exciting way. Here’s the thing – One of my marketing professors in Business School once famously said, In English it wouldContinue reading “Creating Product Catalogs On Pinterest”

Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.

Can you use Pinterest to make money via the Amazon Associates program? “ [Update – Clearly this doesn’t work. According to the Amazon Affiliates Discussion Board – Pinterest strips your Affiliate link out of the Pin. Good to know.]. This week we’re aiming to find out by conducting a fun little experiment. As a disclaimerContinue reading “Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.”

The Long Tail Of Pinterest Referral Links

Does Pinterest Traffic Have A Long Tail? “   Yes! Why Does That Matter? “ Keep reading, I’ll share 4 reasons smart marketers need to know this… The referral traffic coming out of Pinterest to our ecommerce site, (, is a long tail distribution curve. Let’s geek out on this for a minute… The LongContinue reading “The Long Tail Of Pinterest Referral Links”

How Professional Bloggers Can Leverage Pinterest

[infographic for you to Pin] … There are professional bloggers, like Darren Rowse, [], and Jeremy Schoemaker, [], that have massive websites full of amazing content, but their impact on Pinterest is still relatively small. See Darren Rowse’s Pinterest Profile. [Jeremy Schoemaker doesn’t have one that I could find]. Additionally, you can see how many ofContinue reading “How Professional Bloggers Can Leverage Pinterest”

The Case For Using Pinterest As A Marketing Tool

It’s 1959. You invent Cellophane. You say, Hey, let’s wrap some babies in it to show it’s usefullness” That seems reasonable, doesn’t it? You say, “Ok … wait. NO!” What now? Here’s the thing… The problem with new stuff, especially radically new stuff, is that the ‘use case’ isn’t clear. And as marketers we aren’tContinue reading “The Case For Using Pinterest As A Marketing Tool”