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The Long Tail Of Pinterest Referral Links

Does Pinterest Traffic Have A Long Tail? “   Yes! Why Does That Matter? “ Keep reading, I’ll share 4 reasons smart marketers need to know this… The referral traffic coming out of Pinterest to our ecommerce site, (, is

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How Professional Bloggers Can Leverage Pinterest

Pinterest for blogggers

[infographic for you to Pin] … There are professional bloggers, like Darren Rowse, [], and Jeremy Schoemaker, [], that have massive websites full of amazing content, but their impact on Pinterest is still relatively small. See Darren Rowse’s Pinterest Profile. [Jeremy

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The Case For Using Pinterest As A Marketing Tool

It’s 1959. You invent Cellophane. You say, Hey, let’s wrap some babies in it to show it’s usefullness” That seems reasonable, doesn’t it? You say, “Ok … wait. NO!” What now? Here’s the thing… The problem with new stuff, especially

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Pinterest Contests That Change Your Business Forever (Part One)

Pinterest Contests are getting exciting. And at Liberty Jane Clothing we are gearing up to conduct our first contest in Pinterest. It will be crazy. How do we know? Let’s review. The Date: It’s summer 2008, Miles home, we are

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Pinterest Product Strategies – All the Proof You Need

RJMetrics has new Pinterest User information out [get it here] that is very compelling for marketers. It demonstrates that while the food category in Pinterest is the most viral, (somehow virality and food are 2 words that my mind doesn’t

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Marketing Your Company On Pinterest: Yes You Can

You might be wondering, Can I attract new visitors to my website via Pinterest? “ Yes, you can. If you’re still getting up to speed on Pinterest, then here’s the low-down… According to TechCrunch in an article on January 19th 2012:

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Pinterest Secret: The Curiosity Driven Pinutorial

Joe Sugarman in The Adweek Copywriting Handbook states, If I had to pick the one major psychological reason that makes direct marketing so successful today, it would be curiosity” How are smart marketers taking advantage of this in Pinterest? With

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