Pinterest Contests That Change Your Business Forever (Part One)

Pinterest Contests are getting exciting. And at Liberty Jane Clothing we are gearing up to conduct our first contest in Pinterest. It will be crazy. How do we know? Let’s review. The Date: It’s summer 2008, Miles home, we are sitting around the pool trying to figure out how to market our new little EBayContinue reading “Pinterest Contests That Change Your Business Forever (Part One)”

Marketing Your Company On Pinterest: Yes You Can

You might be wondering, Can I attract new visitors to my website via Pinterest? “ Yes, you can. If you’re still getting up to speed on Pinterest, then here’s the low-down… According to TechCrunch in an article on January 19th 2012: Pinterest, which just secured $27 million in funding at a $200 million valuation, has made the transitionContinue reading “Marketing Your Company On Pinterest: Yes You Can”

Pinterest Secret: The Curiosity Driven Pinutorial

Joe Sugarman in The Adweek Copywriting Handbook states, If I had to pick the one major psychological reason that makes direct marketing so successful today, it would be curiosity” How are smart marketers taking advantage of this in Pinterest? With the ‘Curiosity Driven’ Pinutorial of course. A ‘Curiosity Driven’ Pinutorial is one that uses anContinue reading “Pinterest Secret: The Curiosity Driven Pinutorial”

Getting 500,000 Pinterest Followers – Yes You Can…

In case you’re wondering if there are “Pinterest Heavyweights” emerging? The answer is an emphatic YES ” … When we joined Pinterest we had a goal of getting to 1,000 followers, and we’re on our way. (You can check our progress here)… That’s an admirable goal, right? But how about 500,000 followers? Clearly it’s possible.Continue reading “Getting 500,000 Pinterest Followers – Yes You Can…”

5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin

So we tried an experiment tonight and it’s clearly working…We found a picture that had a nice Christmas vibe, (it’s December 21st), so it fits. Here’s the pic out of Pinterest (right)… You’ll notice that in just a couple hours it has gotten 21 repins, 3 comments, and 3 likes. For us, that’s pretty good.Continue reading “5 Lessons From Our Most Popular Pin”