Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.

Can you use Pinterest to make money via the Amazon Associates program? “ [Update – Clearly this doesn’t work. According to the Amazon Affiliates Discussion Board – Pinterest strips your Affiliate link out of the Pin. Good to know.]. This week we’re aiming to find out by conducting a fun little experiment. As a disclaimerContinue reading “Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.”

Pinterest Secret: The Curiosity Driven Pinutorial

Joe Sugarman in The Adweek Copywriting Handbook states, If I had to pick the one major psychological reason that makes direct marketing so successful today, it would be curiosity” How are smart marketers taking advantage of this in Pinterest? With the ‘Curiosity Driven’ Pinutorial of course. A ‘Curiosity Driven’ Pinutorial is one that uses anContinue reading “Pinterest Secret: The Curiosity Driven Pinutorial”

Pinterest Secret: Taking Advantage Of The Long Form Pinutorial

Long-form pinutorial? That sounds like marketing right?! It is… Pinterest gives you an opportunity to create a pin, that serves as an ‘advertorial’ for your website. What’s more, they allow odd sized images, and odd sized images really stand out. Let’s call this new (strange creature-like) thing “The Long-Form Pinutorial” Smart marketers are using thisContinue reading “Pinterest Secret: Taking Advantage Of The Long Form Pinutorial”

Pinterest Secrets Part Two: The Pinutorial

Ready for another Pinterest Secret? We call this one the … “Pin-Utorial” (Yes, I just made that word up, please give me props. But smart marketers in Pinterest have been using this method for months). Here’s the thing – classic direct response copywriters like Joe Sugarman, Gary Halbert, Bob Bly, and my personal favorite, CraigContinue reading “Pinterest Secrets Part Two: The Pinutorial”