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Poll: How Happy Are You With Your Pinterest Marketing?

Poll Overview: Do you ever wonder how Pinterest is working for other marketers? Nows your chance to find out – and tell us your story too. Thanks for answering, sharing this, and tweeting it out… And hey, I’m trying really

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Pinterest Meme Good or Bad?

Memes are all the rage in Pinterest. What’s a meme you ask? Meme: Comes from the ancient Greek mimema – ‘to imitate’. They are social concepts that self replicate and mutate – and in Pinterest they ride on images. Sometimes

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Selling On Pinterest Poll

Ps. If you’re not sure yet, leave a comment letting us know where you’re at with Pinterest.

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Pinterest Profile Page Layout Change User Poll

This week, (on or around 3/15/12), Pinterest significantly changed the profile page for users. Tell us what you think of the change… – – – – – – Pin This Static Image Of The Poll To Spread The Word… Ps.

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Marketing On Pinterest Yet?

Could we get your feedback? Help us understand where you are at in your Pinterest marketing journey, answer a few questions…or leave a comment letting us know more information…Wondering how we are doing on our Pinterest Marketing Journey, read more

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Help Us Get Our Topics Right…

Hi everyone, Want to help us get our topics for this blog dialed-in a bit? Let us know what you’re most interested in reading about… Thanks!

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