My Pinterest Presentation At IRCE

Cinnamon and I are thrilled to be headed to the Internet Retailers Convention & Exhibit in Chicago this June. I’ll have the privilege of speaking about Pinterest! Make plans to attend and we’ll meet up! Memo To Event Coordinators: Are you planning a social media conference & need a Pinterest speaker? I’d be happy toContinue reading “My Pinterest Presentation At IRCE”

Pinterest Workshops Shed Light On Marketer’s Zeitgeist

After doing Pinterest workshops this week with the folks, and at the Florida Festivals & Events Conference, I picked up some interesting insights about how marketers are feeling about Pinterest. And of course, getting an email that says, “Best Speaker At Event” made my day! Here are 3 Insights I picked up from theContinue reading “Pinterest Workshops Shed Light On Marketer’s Zeitgeist”

Pinterest Presentation Video with SBI

Hi everyone, This afternoon I had the priviledge of presenting to the / SBI community on the topic of ‘Pinterest┬áMarketing For Niche Businesses‘ We used a Google Hangout streaming through Youtube – and running on the SBI Facebook Fanpage (How Cool Is That Combo!). It was a blast, the Pinterest related questions were great,Continue reading “Pinterest Presentation Video with SBI”

Pinterest Speaking Events affiliates just received this message (included below) in their newsletter. Wow. I’m honored to be serving their small business community this Wednesday on a special video Q&A session about Pinterest. Then on Friday I speak at the Florida Festivals Association event. In Florida I’ll share tips and recommendations for marketing short-term, annual, or seasonalContinue reading “Pinterest Speaking Events”

Site Sell Pinterest Event With Jason Miles

Ken Evoy, founder of just sent out this message to the siteSell email list. (I’ll be honest, I am freaking out a little…). Here is what he said, “Huge interest about Pinterest demanded that we secure no less than a huge authority on the subject. Don’t miss our next SiteSell Facebook Webinar. The topicContinue reading “Site Sell Pinterest Event With Jason Miles”