What Would You Ask Her?

This week I was introduced to someone who is adding Pinterest followers at an amazing rate and has well over 1 million followers. She kindly agreed to do an interview with me as part of my book promotion efforts. As soon as it’s done I’ll share it with you! Looking at her success is prettyContinue reading “What Would You Ask Her?”

Site Sell Pinterest Event With Jason Miles

Ken Evoy, founder of SiteSell.com just sent out this message to the siteSell email list. (I’ll be honest, I am freaking out a little…). Here is what he said, “Huge interest about Pinterest demanded that we secure no less than a huge authority on the subject. Don’t miss our next SiteSell Facebook Webinar. The topicContinue reading “Site Sell Pinterest Event With Jason Miles”

Price It Like Picasso

[This is off-topic, but hey, it’s my blog!] I’ve finally published my auction system ebook, Price It Like Picasso. You can download the ebook version here for just $4.99. If you’re a artisan or crafter, then this book will be invaluable. Our system works. See proof here.

Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.

Can you use Pinterest to make money via the Amazon Associates program? “ [Update – Clearly this doesn’t work. According to the Amazon Affiliates Discussion Board – Pinterest strips your Affiliate link out of the Pin. Good to know.]. This week we’re aiming to find out by conducting a fun little experiment. As a disclaimerContinue reading “Make Money On Pinterest Using Amazon – No.”

Pinterest Experts Emerge, Conferences Rejoice…

When I got asked to speak about Pinterest at the Social Media Camp in Canada, the thought occurred to me, Maybe Other Social Media Conferences could use a Pinterest speaker?!”  So I looked at the awesome problogger.com website to see what they had going at their big blogging conference in Australia, and sure enough, theyContinue reading “Pinterest Experts Emerge, Conferences Rejoice…”

Pinterest Traffic Tips: Use Before And After Images, Not Just After Images

Yesterday we ran a great little experiment on Pinterest using a fantastic Photoshop article from Clickinmoms, [get it here]. The test was to determine something that I’ve felt curious about for a while. That… Before & After Pins are better than just using the ‘After’ image alone “ The Experiment: We noticed that the ClickinmomsContinue reading “Pinterest Traffic Tips: Use Before And After Images, Not Just After Images”

Recent Pinterest Changes to User Interface and TOS

In the grand cosmos of the change universe, legal wording changes are easy, compared to brilliantly designing addictive user interfaces. Pinterest is learning that the hard way. Pinterest has made 2 significant changes recently. First, they changed their Personal Profile Page Layout. Second, they’ve updated their Terms Of Service, (TOS). How did they do? TheyContinue reading “Recent Pinterest Changes to User Interface and TOS”

Following The Four Paths Of Pinterest – User Behavior

As a marketer on Pinterest, you need to know as much as you can about user behavior, including your own. We like tracking four ‘paths’ that flow constantly. Someday there will probably be an analytics tool that helps you track these elegantly, but until then, it’s good enough to just recognize where they are, andContinue reading “Following The Four Paths Of Pinterest – User Behavior”