Social Media Consultation

Our Consulting Process:

Jason consults in an ongoing way with over 700 clients through the Liberty Jane Partners program. And now we’re ready to help you with your Pinterest related business needs! If you’re looking for a social media tune-up with people that have actual (proven business results) as well as academic & business credibility, then this might be the right fit for you.

We offer a comprehensive 3-Step social media tune up process.

Discovery: Our process starts with an initial review of your ‘as-is’ social media strategy via questionnaire. We’ll look at your unique situation, skills, and interests and document your opportunities.

Strategy & Action: The next step is a Strategy & Action session led by Jason Miles. The goal will be to discuss the findings of the discovery phase, and work with you through the inevitable challenges, questions, and concerns you might have with operating in a new or different way. Together you’ll work through the initial steps associated with your new plan of action.

Documentation: Unlike other consultations that might leave you with simply a hand-shake, our process ends with a clear Social Media Strategy document, which we write based on the consult. This is a formal written recommendation that is customized specifically for your business. This is the type of document that you can present to your CEO, Board, Spouse, (if you’re a work-from-home start-up). It’s the type of document that you will keep for years to come, to track your success over time.

Space Is Limited:

Because of the intensity of this process, and the amount of time & effort we put into the consultation before & after the Strategy Session, we can only conduct a limited number of these sessions per week. Space is extremely limited. We will do our best to accomodate your inquiry, but please realize that if you want to work with us, you’ll want to plan on it taking several weeks, or more, before the session can occur. Plan ahead.

The price is just $299

Inquire today:

Consultations At Your Location:

Unfotunately we are unable to conduct in-person consultations without significant investment on your part due to scheduling & work-life considerations. If you’d like to inquire about this process, and receive a price quote, simply complete the contact form. We’ll work through the related details with you and see if it’s something that can workout. We are happy to try and coordinate if is possible.

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