Keyword Search Vs. Discovery: The WAR has begun…

Cue the music George… Did you catch this Mad Money segment about the “mystery” of Google not hitting it’s quarterly estimates? Cramer is confused, but I’m not. Keywords, (and therefore Pay Per Click Ads), are becoming old school before our eyes. What Cramer said, “The mystery began last Thursday when Google reported a “big earnings miss.”Continue reading “Keyword Search Vs. Discovery: The WAR has begun…”

Forget Keyword search, Pinterest offers Keypic search

So there is a great article here in Tech Crunch that outlines, “The Promise Of Pinterest”. Their primary suggestion is that Pinterest could turn into a new way to search for products, which would be a massive cultural and financial shift, (away from keyword searches to “key-pic searches”. Or I guess you could call them,Continue reading “Forget Keyword search, Pinterest offers Keypic search”