Our January 2012 Pinterest Traffic Numbers…

In our recent pinterest marketing priorities poll you told us, by a vast majority, that driving traffic to your site from Pinterest was your top priority. But you might be wondering… Hey Jason – are you really driving traffic to your sites from Pinterest? Or just acting like you know what you’re talking about? “Continue reading “Our January 2012 Pinterest Traffic Numbers…”

12 Tips To A Better Profile

Pinterest is skyrocketing to prominence. Smart marketers everywhere are wondering – how do I position my products or services for maximum exposure & traffic building potential through Pinterest. That’s our goal, I’m guessing it’s your’s too. Let’s start at the beginning. To gain the maximum amount of traction in Pinterest you’ll need to get yourselfContinue reading “12 Tips To A Better Profile”

[infographic] Pinterest Marketing Plan

[FREE INFOGRAPHIC: LIBERTY JANE CLOTHING’S PINTEREST MARKETING PLAN] We hope you’ve enjoyed our 4 Part Pinterest Marketing Plan series. We made you an infographic to go along with those blog posts. We hope you enjoy it. If you’re a social media blogger, or consultant, and want to discuss this marketing plan with us, how weContinue reading “[infographic] Pinterest Marketing Plan”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator

So our Pinterest Marketing Plan is taking shape. We’ve got: 1. The Anchor 2. The Offer And today we want to talk about our third step – becoming better visual curators. Curator: (wikipedia) Traditionally a curator  is a content specialist responsible for an institution’s collections and involved with the interpretation of heritage material.  For our efforts in Pinterest, that hasContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Three: The Visual Curator”

Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Two: The Offer

As we talked about yesterday, the first step in our Pinterest Marketing Plan is to create an effective ‘anchor’ as in a profile in Pinterest that is an effective ‘home base’ or, in Facebook terms, ‘Fanpage’… We’re building that daily. Here’s the link: http://pinterest.com/cinnamonmiles/ Today let’s talk about step two – the offer! No, not aContinue reading “Our Pinterest Marketing Plan: Part Two: The Offer”

Getting Started On Pinterest – Our Story

Wondering how we got introduced to Pinterest? … And how we got things off to a good start? I first learned about Pinterest via Google Analytics. I look at our traffic stats pretty faithfully, usually every day. So in the fall of 2011, when I started to notice links from Pinterest, I got interested. AtContinue reading “Getting Started On Pinterest – Our Story”